Timisoara, Romania | Timișoara, România

Best of Timisoara, Romania – Timișoara, România Visiting Romania but not getting round to visiting Timisoara means you miss out on an important part of the culture and the beauty of this…



24 thoughts on “Timisoara, Romania | Timișoara, România

  1. Niciodată nu am vizitat Timișoara am intrat doar sa vad cum e pentru ca m-a revoltat afirmația unui englez care a zis ca că "Timișoara e ok, nu e urâtă " știind cat de urate sunt orașele din Anglia (el e din Bournemouth), chiar pare un oraș foarte frumos ca multe dintre orașele țării

  2. Timișoara is a great Romanian city but everyone presents only the old center not the places where people live and enjoy their lives talking to the neighbours on a bench behind the buildings eating seeds drinking soda and listening to the radio. Sadly the tourist s and most of the kids born after 2000 can't really understand this. A like who understands what I am talking about.

  3. Multumesc. Cu acest video mi-ai reamintit cit este de frumos orasul meu natal. Te invidiez: eu nu ma intorc acasa de 17 ani. Daca nu ar fi cei care sa filmeze si sa vizualizeze aceste imagini ……..Si imaginile din Parcul Botanic? Si din Parcul Rozelor? Din Parcul Copiilor?

  4. This is probably the first video I've ever seen about Romania. Didn't realize how much beautiful architecture there is over there! I'm obsessed with colorful places like the buildings you showed in Union Square.

  5. Timisoara is the only city I've visited in Romania. I went mostly just to get a cheap onward flight, but ending up falling in love with it a bit while there. Such a beautiful central walking street, and plenty of good food and drink!

  6. Wow, seems like a must visit. Those meats tho, MUST TRY. What sort of food would you recommend trying there? And Central Park is on a cemetery?! Do people say it's haunted?!

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