44 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Would you visit? Romanian park in Iasi

  1. So happy that all the the gipsyes left Romania in the last decade and went for western europe
    They were pointing at us saying we don't know how to integrate them
    Your turn to try now 😀😀👌🏾

  2. This looks like some of the parks my grandmother used to bring me to as a small child……. before they were "culturally enriched". They're abandoned due to crime now, only used by drug dealers…… It's sad to think kids here won't have what I had, but then I remember: none of the green-armpit-hair-feminists and soy boy cucks are having kids anyways.

  3. Look at all this evil white suprematists racist culture, How can you stand to live in such an place! Clearly you need diversity in there to truly enjoy enrichment, I didn't even see ONE cart being pulled by a goat, not one! how can you people live with your selves, for shame!

  4. I visited Romania last year (which is not much of achievement seeing how I am from Serbia), Timisoara to be precise. It was nice one day visit. I was surprised how clean streets and surrounding parks were. I wouldnt mind visiting again

  5. our family friend who emigrated to US once said, that Czech Republic looks like Romania…
    Apart from the music… I think he was quite right
    …and we don't such big parks in our cities

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