Stiri_Turism_Why more millennials are quitting lucrative jobs to travel

CBS News este partenerul cu LinkedIn pentru seria noastra, Work in Progress, unde ne uitam la problemele cu care se confrunta forta de munca americana. LinkedIn gestionarea editorului Chip …

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22 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Why more millennials are quitting lucrative jobs to travel

  1. Thanks so much for having us on the show! We've been working from the road for six years now, between our blog HoneyTrek, writing books, travel coaching, and a slew of other things to make ends meet. It's not always easy, but the freedom, adventures, and incredible people we meet around the world make it all worthwhile! Travel is not a luxury; it doesn't have to be expensive and it's an invaluable education!

  2. I'd rather travel than working a job with a changing schedule every week, stuck indoors all day with no sunlight, microwave lunches and getting paid peanuts with no time left in my schedule to travel, explore, learn, grow, etc.

  3. There have always been people who saved money and then took time off to travel. That's not the interesting part of the story. Instead, what has changed is the idea that people can work corporate jobs AND travel at the same time.

  4. Who’s wife at CBS left them for a millennials because you guys do a bashing segment against millennials a few times a week. Also this is common in European countries. That American mentality of working your face off for 30 years for a company that doesn’t appreciate you is done.

  5. After working with many millenials, I have witnessed that they are very self serving. If things don't go the way they want, it is not unusual for them to walk away from a job.

  6. quit…???   I never even begun working after a decade after graduating college….. they keep telling me I am not qualified or they found a better candidate ot they never reply back after months or years applying for a job……

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