Stiri_Turism_What I Eat in a day as a healthy, vegan gal #4 workout + travel news! // another 2018 Vlog

Instagram: @mariahsetta hello hello guys !! Sper că băieți vă place acest tip de Vlog Style Ce mănânc într-o zi, pentru că, sincer, acest gal nu se poate opri să le facă.

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35 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_What I Eat in a day as a healthy, vegan gal #4 workout + travel news! // another 2018 Vlog

  1. Now that you’ve recovered from an eating disorder how do you eat without others commenting on your intake? Like on this vlog you didn’t have “lunch” but instead snacks and if I do that my mums always commenting on how it’s my “eating disorder habits” 🙄

  2. Ughhhhh I need to start eating more whole foods like this! Dark chocolate and peanut butter are pretty much my daily requirements for existence <3 Your bowl of oats and your Buddha bowl look amazing!
    I am really really excited to see your adventures in Lebanon! It's probably going to be AMAZING!

  3. You're actually my favorite vegan channel and youtuber, love your personality!!! I found you way back since you made videos with Claire Michelle, keep going!!! By the way, are you guys still talking? 🙂

  4. Hi Mariah! I discovered your channel a few days ago and binge watched all your videos! I just wanted to say that I love your bubbly, positive and bright personality and especially the fact that you always have a smile on your face! Love your Vlogs & What I Eat In A Day videos, keep them coming! Have a nice day

  5. Yiiiii habbie I’m Lebanese and I live in Sydney gurl you’re so beautiful and you’ve helped me so much to over come my anorexia and I’ve finally gained 12kg which I was getting really depressed about it until I saw your vid pop up.

  6. Your family cracked me up in this vid, your sister doing that dramatic look with Cooper and whoever that was opening the blind hahahaha. I can't wait to see your videos from Lebanon! There's so much Youtube content that's in Britain, America Australia etc, I'm so excited to learn about a country I know nothing about! Also a Graduation vid would be cute! I'm graduating in August so I'd love to see it

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