Stiri_Turism_Warriors Orochi 4 News!! Learn Skills (Skill Points) and Combat Travel!! #warriorsorochi4

Warriors Orochi 4 News! Aflați abilitățile (puncte de calificare) și combaterea călătoriilor! # warriorsorochi4 bine, acum învățăm că puteți obține puncte de calificare prin înfrângerea …

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13 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Warriors Orochi 4 News!! Learn Skills (Skill Points) and Combat Travel!! #warriorsorochi4

  1. Hey Grow! Thanks for the news and updates as usual. Keep em coming!

    Several interesting features are being reported here and like you I'm really keen in knowing the 'how' it will be implemented in the game among other general queries as it's pretty bare bones at the moment.

    I'm definitely an advocate for any cool features and these levelling features sure are a welcome convenience which if done correctly will shorten the grind!!!

    So far the game is looking really promising in regards to what's being offered on release be and it's potential future.

  2. I hope the skills are somewhat unique to each character, like how Gundam Reborn had different sets for each character. As for weapons, sounds like an extra step in between throwing Trielement on all your weapons. 😛

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