Stiri_Turism_Trump’s Travel Ban & Prison Video Visitation: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

VICE raportează înlocuirea vizitelor în închisoare în persoană cu apeluri video. În plus, o privire la decizia Curții Supreme privind interdicția de călătorie a președintelui Trump, GOP-ul …

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34 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Trump’s Travel Ban & Prison Video Visitation: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

  1. Why don't these people with opposition to this travel ban NEVER MENTION this protects ANY OPENLY GAY AMERICAN CITIZEN from being TIED TO A CHAIR & KICKED OFF THE CLOSEST TALL BUILDING TO THEIR DEATH gays are NOT SAFE in these country's gays will be killed if they kiss or show any normal affection in public its sicking these people put up with murder

  2. Hey Vice, could please put in place a policy to say specific dates instead of saying "next Thursdsy", as if you are watching the videos a few weeks later then this means nothing. I think it's a fair request.

  3. I'm a music producer and live sound engineer/stage technician. There aren't many producers. Period. Throw in the fact that the methods and tricks we use are fairly well guarded and the field becomes difficult to enter regardless of who/what you are. I'm not sure that gender is a barrier in music production today at all. If anything, class and location are the biggest hurdles producers face when first starting out.

  4. Most these folks received a picture of dirt but never stuck their hands in it but all are doing it… Go learn how to plant a tree. A healed bone is much stronger than da OG one.

  5. Prison visits must be face to face….the video chatting is cruel. I can not hold my hand up to the glass seperating me from the prisoner .. Seeing a loved one in prison is already limited to certain days/times… to limit those encounters even more through video chats, instead of in-person meetings isnt the right thing, and because of money and convenience ! …How do we stop this. Perhaps we must pay more attention to who is in office, passings these laws/ideas.

  6. They are beating ppl for protesting what we've already accomplished. Kids are turning to prostitution and drugs, because they came out and got kicked out. Really Rainbow World? CAKE?!😞
    Beam me up, Scotty! wtf.

  7. Ha ha ha, I care far more about the TCNs (third country nationals) that the rich Qataris treat like animals. Get the TCNs out, and I HOPE all those rich elitists feel the constricting grasp of poverty/uncertainty. There are way more people suffering to worry about than people who get paid disgusting amounts of money for simple being born from citizens of a country sitting on natural gas reserves. I've personally been to Qatar multiple times, and these aren't friendly, compassionate, benevolent, or enlightened people (anecdotally, from my experiences at least). Rich assholes is how I'd classify them, who can't even be bothered to answer a friendly "hello" or nod. But, I AM an infidel too, so maybe that's why……..

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