Stiri_Turism_Trump administration tightens travel restrictions to Cuba

Statele Unite ale Americii se sparg pe insulă în urma unor atacuri sonore misterioase către diplomații americani; Bogdan Edson raportează despre "Raportul special".

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14 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Trump administration tightens travel restrictions to Cuba

  1. Ah communist Cuba, every stupid un-Americans wet dream. Yeah everything in Cuba is free comrade you just have to convince the soldier with the AK47 to hand it over. Screw Cuba. You will never see the real Cuba, only the fake o e Castro wznts you to see.

  2. Another dumbass move, cutting off his nose to spite his face. Everything Barack did, all of which was great policy, this oompa loompa tries to undo. Now, I ask, is that original?? No, even putting that in such simplicity. Fact is, he can't come up with his own agenda. Stooooopid.

  3. the China Net army .  Poor Americans ridiculed by the Chinese as cowards.Use YouTube to spread (humiliate U.S. News) or (promote communism) or (insult to democracy). China Network Army established a number of language projects. The CCP does not allow YouTube to operate in China. However, YouTube allows the CCP to brainwash the world using YouTube upload videos. YouTube surrendered to the Communist Party. The China Net Army that produces these films are Chinese students living in Europe and the United States.

  4. The sorrow and misery of those poor people just pangs your heart strings but life is a muthafucker. I am hoping that they enjoyed the welfare and if my city gets demolished then maybe I will go to Haiti or some other impoverished nation and live for 10 years on their social system.
    Wish me luck if that day ever comes. Your prayers were tasty and filling.

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