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TRAVEL HACKS Island Travel Travel [0:58]Cazare [2:15]Mâncare [3:40]Meteo [4:42] și Sfaturi Generale [8:26] și trucuri, economii de bani și multe altele …

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40 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_TRAVEL TIPS/HACKS | Iceland Travel

  1. Can definitely recommend Iceland Camping Equipment! They're great! Even if you're driving around the country and planning to stay at hotels and such, rent a sleeping bag for emergencies! If you get stalled, stuck, stranded, or your accommodation plans fall through, a sleeping bag is great to stay warm and safe!

  2. Can I use my regular debit/credit card from the USA in Iceland? Will my bank charge me for conversion and any other charges? Also, do I need to upgrade my card to a chip card?? How much cash should I take out when I get there?

  3. Hey people,
    Myself and partner are going to visit Iceland in two months. Is it possible/good idea to walk Iceland and camp rather than spending alot on accommodation and transport. Any tips would be great. Amazing video btw really enjoyed it.

  4. I'm looking at going in the next month or two was looking at paying £600 for 3 nights and flights. i'm now thinking I'll go for longer and staying in the car for less! thanks for the great tips!

  5. I’m planning on going to Iceland on December and booking a round trip flight and hotel , do you recommend me getting tourist packages there or book them online here

  6. We went to Iceland last May.We hired a Jeep Grand Cherokee thinking will be nice to go on the F roads.When the roads run out, entering the F roads, meet some really nice Icelandic people, so I asked them hows the roads, and they started to laugh.Their cars tyre was bigger then the car we hired to go "off road".They told me, the roads are still covered with snow, so don't even try, because noone will save us if we get stock in the middle of nowhere.Loved your video, very informative!Bytheway, you are so cute!☺

  7. most informative video on iceland that i hav seen so far.. thanks for that..
    any website that you know of that provides info abt camping sites.. someone mentioned- some camping sites are near running water sources or near hot springs.. anything you know of tht sort?

  8. While talking about currency, you could have mentioned the prohibitive prices in Iceland. I bought just one fridge magnet at a souvenir shop, and almost died of a massive coronary when I heard the price. Otherwise, a very informative video.

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