Stiri_Turism_Top 10 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent!

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49 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Top 10 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent!

  1. my wife and i just came back from a cruise to cuba we had a great time there is no question many people who are not informed about how cruises work travel agents is the way to go but after 18 cruises i pretty much know how to get the best deals if i have flexibility most of my cruises i buy about 1 month to 45 days in advance richard in fort Lauderdale

  2. @ Mr Traveler I do hope this note finds you & your lovely wife in good spirits. Unsure, if, this the correct avenue to connect with you, however, I’m seeking a Carnival Cruise 🚢 for November 2018 for the Dr. Seuss theme on their BEST ship with great reviews.
    In need on your expertise. Thank you!

    *I have never dealt with a travel agent ever. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Just found you two a few days go and already hooked. Luv you guys. I've already planned my next two cruises unfortunately but I will be contacting you guys for future travel arrangements.

  4. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Traveler! I love how knowledgeable you guy are! My question is, Are there any non smoking cruises out there? I know most cruise lines have a specific spot on the ship for smoking, but are there any fully non smoking cruise ships? Thanks so much for all of your content, its all super helpful!

  5. I am always so leery because I have had a travel agent that was rude and she did not have any contact. We had to call her for our travel documents the week before the cruise. Last year we went with the same company but a different agent and there price was the same as the one we found but they did not have the credits and deal we found.

  6. Hello we live in Az and love to cruise. We have 2 cruises booked this year with Carnival, love your videoed. Would you recommend getting a local travel agent or possibly working with you?

  7. These reasons spell out EXACTLY why I chose you to handle my future cruises (hmmm… and resorts, too!!). You care so much about making it the best experience for each individual client, and you've been there! I appreciate that you kept our budget in mind when suggesting I wait to see what the cost would be on a cruise line I hadn't considered. Thank you!!

  8. I was going to book a cruise tonight but maybe I’ll call you to do it instead. I’m interested in a balcony room for two on Norwegian Dawn out of Boston for the last week of April. I know the price and perks Norwegian is giving me, lets see if you can beat it. 😜

  9. Hi love your videos. I wish you could arrange a cruise for me. But I live in ireland. I am hoping to go on a cruise to the Caribbean in Jan 2019. Norwegian bliss. I have never been to the USA so I am excited for that too. Keep up the good work..

  10. Yes that was me !! I got 300 dollars on board credit. Mr. Traveler and Mrs. Traveler know this business. I was very nervous, my first cruise. I must have called him a dozen times. Very patient walked me through the process. Can't wait for my next cruise.m

  11. Thank you. I had always wondered about this topic. You explained perfectly. I will defiantly give you my business next time I cruise. On a side note Elle would love for you to do a cruise shopping video talking about the best places to shop for each destination. This might be an idea for a mini session lol. “Cruise shopping with Mrs Traveler” lol. Love and Blessings

  12. Everything you said in this video is 100% accurate you done above and beyond for us with our upcoming cruise. Just checked out you website for the first time defiantly going to be getting and shirt before our cruise represent the best channel on YouTube.

  13. Great video. I normally book our trips and like to control things too. I have the same question as Jamie. I've book a cruise in Nov of 2018 can I contact you to see if you can give me a better deal. Also I would like to know what hotels we could stay at in the location that we will be arriving.

  14. Love the videos. The information is so much help to me and my family. My question is, if we booked a cruise our self through the company (Carnival) can I come to you to see if you offer a better deal. Mainly made only the down payment and cruise is in Nov of 2018. Thanks for your time .

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