Stiri_Turism_Today’s News: An Excuse to Travel, Jane Seymour’s Diet and Troubling Air Pollution | 9-27-16

Bună dimineața! Iată știrile de astăzi. După cum știți, sunt un mare fan al călătoriei. Uneori, sunt destul de norocos să călătoresc pe plan internațional. Alteori, ca mulți dintre voi, …

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21 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Today’s News: An Excuse to Travel, Jane Seymour’s Diet and Troubling Air Pollution | 9-27-16

  1. Whimsically classic! Kind of like your style, Margaret, but not quite. Jane Seymour is a very good friend of my best friend's sister-in-law. Apparently, Jane is more stunning, kind and charming than as she appears on film. . . a good role model for our group. Terrible about the air pollution levels. Living in a small town, we love listening to our out-of-town guests exclaim about the beautiful night sky. We forget light pollution can also have a detrimental effect on us.

  2. Are you still in Bali? If not why did you leave? I am planning on going there and working online (in Ubud) winter of 2017. I saw you were working and living there so wondering if you left why? Thanks!

  3. Dear Margaret, I stay in the process of finding my new lifestyle and style as an aging woman.Your two words"cultivated boehmian " also describe what I aim for myself. But there is a lot of questions on how to build the boehmian part of the garderobe, since I want to express my non -conform side without looking like an old hippie or a freak.As I age preserving elegance and feminility are getting more important. I am a painter and also a teacher. A no-go were leggings, skinny jeans , animal prints or wearing sport clothes outside of sport .Could you help me with suggestions or perhaps with a video ? Thank you very much.

  4. I'm like you I don't follow 'celebrities' but I do like Jane Seymour. In fact I've just bought one of her books called Remarkable Changes' but haven't started reading it yet. I seem to have a similar diet to her though, fruit, veg, chicken, salmon, I find this diet is the best one for keeping IBS under control. I love chocolate but it makes me sneeze! My style in 2 words? Classically comfortable or comfortably classic! 😀

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