Stiri_Turism_Time Traveler Shows Real Time Machine

David pretinde că este un călător în timp real, care a călătorit prin timp în mai multe ocazii. El spune că a călătorit în lume pentru a întâlni oameni care înțeleg cum funcționează călătoria în timp. În cele din urmă el …

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23 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Time Traveler Shows Real Time Machine

  1. 5 seconds in, and already can tell this is classic apex click bait.

    Apex. Find more topics. And do less time travelers. You post new time travelers every week. Only Somone in the bottom 1 percent would believe anything you post anymore.
    Like what. There are all these time travelers and they all are just dying to tell you vague nonsense that anyone can make up? How come nobody looks up what happens on the news tomorrow on their future computers. Or even in a few weeks. How come every thing is predictions about things that are in a couple years?
    Most of us aren't dumb.
    This method will work for a while. But I recommend expanding your channel. Cause this shjt is getting so dumb, I mean it has always been kinda dumb. But st least not "impossible". But you are going to ruin your channel. You are pushing your luck.
    Sure you may gain new viewers but lose subs. And loyal subs are better.

    Just some advice.
    But maybe this guy with the worst Russian accent ever can telll you what your channels future is.

  2. fake as….. don't see any where that would house quantum dual spin singularities. or any quantum clocks…. what about the power supply…. the screen is just a older type LED display not lcd. fuck come on…not to mention he said he built it… why are the PCB's factory made, why use shitty electrolytic capacitors also…. the disply screen is a LCD flat panel…. i can pick out every item on that pcb…..

  3. this is so sooooooo obvious a fake! His machine has a display took out of an old notebook (100% true -I took so many out, he didn't even removed the attachments for the screws on the side, like thjis one:
    or this one:

    this is ridiculous….Is this a fraud (fake news) for kids or what? Like Mulder says: "I want to believe", but this is a joke and stupid"…

  4. He is lying
    He said his machine will take him to the future only not to the past
    If he is gone to future he can't come to present
    Then he should be in future then how could he present this vedio in present time
    All you fake
    Presenting this mad fellow's vedio
    How did you(APEX TV) get this vedio if he is in future
    Had you travelled with him
    If you travelled with him then you couldn't present this vedio in present time

    This is INSANE
    Stop posting fake
    Try to be REAL and HONEST TO YOURSELF FIRST APEX TV stupid team

  5. You always hear about these stories. They make a great story but that’s it. I’m tired of hearing this stuff I want to see it work and I want to see the math behind it, not just words..otherwise this is just another YouTuber who is making a living selling stories.

  6. Looks like one of them Dick Smith electronics kits I built back in the 80’s, except the monitor looks apart. I’m guessing the the back circuitry board looks like a preamplifier.

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