Stiri_Turism_Time Traveler From 2075 Reveals WWIII Details

Michael Phillips pretinde că este un călător de timp care sa născut în anul 2043. În 2075, Michael a făcut parte din mai multe misiuni secrete …

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43 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Time Traveler From 2075 Reveals WWIII Details

  1. Basement Machine: june 15, 2016, the Transistor boards did not hold up in the last attempt to send a toy car 2 minutes foreward. The board caught fire immediately and melted.

    October 4, 2017, i crated a new controller board using type 510, 210, and 169 vacume tubes in an attempt to minimise heat problems.

    November 1, 2017, the test did no go as expected, i managed to make the toy car dissapear when i flipped the switch, should have added a tracker so it could be location tracked unless it was lost to time itself.

  2. In mid 1970 ( no computer, no internet, no gadget ) STAR TREK movie was a total joke or an ultra lunatic movie or ultra delusive movie when I saw it on TV one crew of enterprise ship doing a VIDEO CALL to Mr. Spok whom happen outside the ship exploring other planet , then… NOW… !!… videos call are in everyone hand
    Despite no proof this video is a fake or true one .. All I can say is…


  3. How I know this is fake: "Oprah Winfrey runs for president believe it or not". Why use that verbiage ; 'believe it or not'?

    If I traveled back in time and advised Reagan would win presidency, that phrase wouldn't be used. Why? Because history books wouldn't focus on his acting, they would focus on his political endeavors.

    If traveling back in time, Winfrey is already deceased, her talk show didn't leave a lasting legacy so someone from that time period isn't surprised she ran for presidency.

    It should feel normal not shocking in his narrative. APEXTV…you've been had.

  4. Trump served to fxxxxxg terms!! Are you kidding me? Is Michael saying all the time and money spent on investigating this piece of sxxt was for naught? As of today, it appears that Trump is on the cusp of firing Rod Rosenstein, acting director DOJ, who supervises the Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Should Rosenstein be fired, it would be a simple matter of installing an individual loyal to Trump who will shutdown the Russian investigation, allowing Trump to continue his evil ways and hide from all Americans his other crimes and collusion with the Russians. Christ all mighty, can't the Democrats nominate someone with balls who can take on Trump and beat him in 2020? What did not shock me was that he tried to run for a third term, something completely not possible due to the constitution, but Trump hates the constitution and the rule of law. Having said this, I think MIchael just might be telling the truth. Would love to hear more about Trump's second term and attemp for a third term. This could only happen if the Congress does not do its job of controlling Trump. It sounds like the Democrats failed in their attempt to capture Congress is my guess, otherwise no second term. How in the hell do we allow a minority of 30 million to run or country? I hate you, I hate your parents who bore you, just don't give a dxxx, when we as a country cannot control a President like Trump. Pissed off. !!@@!!

  5. Sorry but these people claiming to be time travelers are fakes. Time travel is impossible! If someone comes from the future their time continuum would be disrupted! They would change their past by even coming and that would create a time paradox!

  6. Going to Jupiters moons is a completely different ballgame ??? You just fucked up 🤣 and you would have had mind blowing stories , but no you have to say " let me think " which everyone knows means let me make up a lie so I'm convinced you have attempted to earn monies through advertising revenue …and succeeded 👍🏻good job congratulations.

  7. I have traveled 100 years into the future and found that there are no apocalyptic natural disasters, nuclear war, and only minor effects from "Global Warming." (If I'm lying or mistakenly wrong here, am I really going to give a shit about my credibility??)

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