Un om care pretinde că a călătorit înapoi de la 10 ani în viitor și-a riscat viața pentru a oferi un avertisment rău pentru omenire – creanțe. VIDEO LINK: …

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  1. Wow… But where is his younger he? Cause if it's really true there must be an old him which is much junger…

  2. What year is he born and who his parents name ? .. that can proof if he is going to excite

  3. What’s the point in the in covering his face If what he says is true there can’t be many time travellers so surely the They would no who it was speaking

  4. I can time travel through my farts. Whenever I cut one, I enter another reality for 30 seconds

  5. exactly …. like he's come back and risked his life he says to give us a dire warning about the cool time travel technology in the future ? the world feels so much safer after this info travelled back in time umm thanks bro lmaoooo

  6. I call BS as time travel was used in the 1940's

  7. Guys I just came back from the future! The only way our race will survive is if you all send me lots of money….this is not a joke, drugs have brought back my youthful looks. Please send money

  8. Another fucking robotic narration.

  9. It's not possible to travel back in Time. Period..

  10. Fucking bullshit and more bullshit bullshit bullshit

  11. I time travelled to get the first comment

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