Stiri_Turism_This Is What Life Is Like Inside Assad’s Syria: VICE on HBO, Full Episode

Șase ani de război civil au lăsat în mare parte ruine Siria, o țară cunoscută pentru orașele sale antice. Pe câmpul de luptă, forțele dictatorului sirian Bashar al-Assad continuă să lupte împotriva …

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37 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_This Is What Life Is Like Inside Assad’s Syria: VICE on HBO, Full Episode

  1. the reality is during the arab spring obama with saudi sent snipers to syria sniping the protesters and then blamed their death to the assad gov force, the cia used the same tactic elsewhere, they call it operation gladio, search them on youtube

  2. I don't know if this damage is because of assad's rule or the strange way the usa and the russians and the israelis are trying to "help." i hope the syrians will be given real help by Christians and that our persecuted Christian sisters and brothers will be helped by Americans.

  3. A Western reporter trying very hard to milk any anti Assad sentiments, but failing. They are not afraid of Assad.

    From the beginning, it was outside Islamic fundamentalist agitators, foreigners who went to Syria to turn the people against Assad and convert a secular fundamentally Christian State into a corrupt, backward, and damage Islamic State, which the people resisted at great cost in materials, their blood, their national treasures, their culture and lives.

    It is not Assad's Syria, it is the Syrian people's Syria and the West enabled ISIS to destabilize and collapse Syria. All the destruction, the material costs, the bloodshed, and lives lost on all sides, but especially Syrian loves are squarely on the shoulders, if they were to have shoulders, of the West. Let the Syrian people alone. Let them rebuild what Western governments have paid foreign Islamic fundamentalist mercenaries to destroy.

    Let the Syrian people live in peace, and reclaim their ancient status and enjoy the benefits of their natural resources.

  4. It's not Assad's Syria. It's islam's Syria. Assad was trying to eliminate them to build a secular country.

    Oh bullshit about the snipers A lot of drama words, fake reporter running, "Look at the gas canisters, better not go that way." There's a war, but outsiders have taken over civilian areas to hide among because they're cowards. The good news is that there will be an abundance of construction jobs when it's over. Jobs in civil service, government, the military, education, demolition, metal recycling, concrete recycling, transportation, gas stations, mechanics, electricians, carpenters, masons, They'll get to build their entire country with modern technologies.

    It's people like this issue reporter that worsens conditions for the people. A bomb should fall everywhere there is a reporter, or maybe just a heavy piece of metal. They're dramatists, liars, opinion manipulators. I do not trust or believe reporters.

  5. Does anyone else feel like this is more Greater Israel Propaganda?

    I'm just saying a dictator that lets the people drive around on the hoods of vehicles shooting full auto guns in the air doesn't seem to dictator like.

    Maybe the reason they kept stopping you filming is because they know who Vice works for…

  6. Pro-American dictators are good so you don’t even call them “dictators”.
    Anti-American dictators are bad so they need to be replaced by democratically elected leaders.

  7. Wearing tight jeans so your ass is constantly on display, when filming in a war zone in a muslim country? Could you be more situationally unaware than that? 20 more minutes of this video left to watch but I think I’m done..

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