Stiri_Turism_This 31-Year-Old Is Changing Space Travel

Scientist de rachete Natalya Bailey deține un startup spațial denumit Accion Systems, care este specializat în fabricarea de motoare subțiri care necesită o mică parte a energiei …

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20 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_This 31-Year-Old Is Changing Space Travel

  1. Ah yes, Bloomberg fluff. While the LEO field is interesting the concept that it involves 'space travel' is a stretch as best. So a tiny ION drive isn't going to revolutionize much beyond … well, LEO. Which is fine, but Bloomberg had to fluff it up.

  2. Successful people doing successful things that are successfully changing the world for a successful civilization. Imma crawl in a hole because I'm not smart enough for the future. Always eighty steps behind.

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