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  1. They "fixed" that problem in the intro.
    Now they have an auto caption thing.
    So they can go beyond the title and tags.
    Plus, it doesn't help how the ppl who think they're helping by writing captions manually are being tricked into telling their algorithm what the videos about.

  2. I don't watch mainstream TV anymore. Nothing. Cable News are what Pravda used to be to the Soviet Union; Propaganda. I like hearing both sides. Far Right. Center Right. Center. Left. Far Left. I want balanced. I want to see people argue but not INSIST their view is the ONLY view there is. We need a mixture of the Right and the Left. But people hate THAT point of view as well. I like watching your videos, Tim, because you are thoughtful.

  3. YouTube is presenting ads deep within your content. I noticed them at the halfway mark and not they are showing up 2/3 in. I guess this measures whether people are actually watching (and hitting “Skip Ad”) or not.

  4. Tim, start a Youtube content creators' trade union. Get enough high-profile Youtubers in it to be able to strike and really strain Youtube's profits if they do not stop censoring and demonetizing.

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  6. Tim, I work in the Corporate environment (Non-Media) a couple of Senior Management types were chatting one day and the older guy said, "Yeah…ya gotta do what you gotta do" the other responded with, "If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying.."
    They're all cheating AND lying…trust me, I know.

  7. Dude, I'm gonna put it to you simply:

    1) ALL NEWS SOURCES ARE INHERENTLY BIASED, in that someone has to make decisions about what to cover, and what not to cover. There is no such thing as an unbiased news source – and the majority of people know this and deal with it the best they can.

    2) News is a BUSINESS. Always has been, always will be. And businesses have their interests. No point in getting outraged by it.

    2) It's not difficult to get hard news. What people really want to know, is what people THINK ABOUT the news. That's what Youtube is for. Youtube is not a replacement for mainstream news media.

  8. Tim, the one fukin news station / info wars/ the real news with David Knight/ newswars/ war room/ is part of they or all??? Infowars against leftist freak news companies, stand your ground behind the right side of history , wake up people!!!

  9. This algorithm talk…
    It could be as simple as creating a list of YouTubers who are in the wrongthink zone and check against that list at upload.
    This could be one check among multiple other checks.
    Another one is a title check that checks against certain words, and cross checks against the 'bad' user list too.
    Then add in the flagging and reporting system and keep count of how many reports of a certain type are submitted and cross check that against the other two I listed.

    if "user" is "baduser" and "title" contains "badtitle" and "user" is "eviluser" {
    demonetize video;
    else if //another permutation of the above logic

    This could explain why cat videos and other benign content get de-moned. I'm just speculating some ideas of what these 'algorithms' might be, because so many people fling that word around like it's some ominous magic being used. It's not. It's programming.

    What gives these algorithms power is in what context and motive they are used in. It's about the people who weaponizing this code. The leadership at Goolag and Alphabet Inc are globalists who obviously want to shut down dissent.

  10. I have the solution. Start a hockey analysis channel and discuss only Right Wingers as they apply to the National Hockey league. I wonder if all those videos get demonetized.

  11. Seems like it would be tricky to aggregate real v bot followers and clicks. Developing a tool to gauge how many real people visited a site sounds like it would be nearly impossible, and could have broader security implications. The best way to gauge influence, I think, is by tracking social movement, company policies, and market research.

    All in all the internet has made judging these things nearly impossible, and our reliance on the internet has made discerning legitimacy in anything incredibly difficult.
    Pick something, any topic, and there's someone who thinks you're full of shit.
    Research and counter research has lead me to a point, where if you can't give me something tangible to verify what your saying, outside of the internet, I'm inclined to disbelieve your assertions. Even if I believe you believe them.

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