Stiri_Turism_The Muslims who fast for 22 hours a day – BBC News

Musulmanii din Islanda explică modul în care se confruntă cu unul dintre cele mai lungi posturi Ramadan din lume, datorită zilelor lungi cauzate de răsăritul soarelui și de apusul soarelui târziu.

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42 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_The Muslims who fast for 22 hours a day – BBC News

  1. My girlfriend is Muslim and she was fasting until last week but, fell sick so couldn't continue anymore but, at least she's tried. Although I'm an agnostic but I am very supportive in her personal choices as I mediate for a peace of mind every week and she is very supportive for that and joins me too. Unfortunately her family isn't happy that she's with a non Muslim guy. But her brother married a non Muslim girl. I won't understand why Muslims are very bias and their men can marry non Muslim girls but, their women can't marry non Muslim guys #Bias #Hypocrisy

  2. After the fasting month called Ramadan over 20-30 million animals and birds will be brutally murdered in the name of their God Allah and their blood and flesh will be offered to their God.
    Funny how BBC won't show this mass murder of animals takes place every year on Eid. Darkest day for the animals but, happiest day for the Muslims. Animals death brings happiness to Muslims or Islam wants to spread the message of peace with the blood of animals.
    I eat meat too but, I see it very pathetic to kill animals and call it a sacrifice to their God. It's a mass killing simple.

  3. I am an agnostic but, Buddhist religious people fast every week on a particular day as guided by their faith which I find more rational and healthy as fasting is like an exercise for our internal organs so when you fast for 1 month and don't fast for 11 months it's almost like you're working out for 1 months intensely and then stopped working out for 11 months.
    Instead working out on a regular basis makes more sense the same way regular fasting makes more sense as it's scientifically more healthier for our body and more rational even if you use your simple logic.
    Well clearly although I've put in nice words some people will still take it as an offence and go on denial. I've just expressed my personal views no offence intended to the Muslims.

  4. I live in usa and i fast for 24 hours i eat when it’s dark once and that’s it I’m not gonna eat the whole night like the rest of the pigs. Allah condemns people who eat like pigs.

  5. What about a Muslim who lives in Barrow Alaska, will she/he fast for 23 hours?! it is high time the authority came up with a well defined calendar as there might be a period somewhere in the world due climate charge the sun will disappear for three or six weeks during Ramadan!!!!!!

  6. To y'all writing hateful comments first why are you clicking this vidoe and second you guys should mind your own damn business. Whats wrong with these people nowdays don't you guys see how innocent syrian and Palestinese people suffering and dying uncountable ! I guess y'all don't have brain to think!!
    Hope you guys leave us alone because we are done with all this hatred and islamaphobia thing!!!!!!

  7. This is so inspiring yo Cuz here in Canada nd in other countries too people complain that it's difficult for them to fast this n that but They should watch this Video Cuz if Island Muslims can do it Tahn we can do it to

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