Stiri_Turism_Taking a drone on honeymoon – BBC News

De la sărutări pe plajă până la zâmbete smile peste cocktail-uri până la umbrele de mână, cele mai multe cupluri își vor documenta luna de miere cu romantism.

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20 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Taking a drone on honeymoon – BBC News

  1. If anyone hasn't watched the original video posted on their channel, I highly recommend it! It's truly spectacular. Just search "Taking a Drone on Honeymoon – 400 Days Around the World" here in Youtube.

  2. Please help me answering these. 1. Whats the exact brand of this drone? 2. How one can afford to travel for that much long time without have money than enough money. Did they work in those countries to spend on food, shelter? 3. How they captured pics from that height? had they issues from government?

  3. Enjoyed the footage, but where's the passion and chemistry between the newlyweds? It would have been nice to hear something from the wifey Mariko, even if it was in Japanese. Seemed more like a drone commercial, not a captured love story.

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