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Tot ce trebuie să știți despre Boom Supersonic Jet, inclusiv cererea de pe piață și precomenzile curente / interesul în aceasta. Demonstratorul XB-1 și …

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40 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Supersonic Travel with Boom

  1. Goodness me!. Good idea, it looks fast and nice though I think respectively that it is not possible to roll out this so quickly. Branson backing it is also odd for a usually common sense man in his investments. But it really is true that he's backing this, although he may have conditions to be met by the developers so his reputation is not ruined by this risky- very bold project. I doubt it would hit the mans pocket to deeply; especially with an empire of brands lining he's pockets?.

    We'll just have to wait and continue to speculate on Branson's overall investment vs JAL's to understand better, indicating to just how secure the involved businesses are with BOOM. The first flight would be like you said "a positive sign", but it is not going to happen quickly and the RnD will like the Concord, end up being put on the ticket. it is not good rushing and things like the Boom Jet where a chance concords failure may be present with booms design too. Also, the sonic boom is going to likely be again a con shadowing this new jet. Success comes with patients in a contradictorily timely manner.

    I hope that Boom will be victorious despite the odds, I just really think they need time for ironing out the still present problems with supersonic air travel being the better bet in the long run. This is just my view on this subject.

  2. Even though this thing looks very good and the entrepreneurship from boom is excellent I don't see this working. I don't see any airline really interested in speed anymore and I don't see passengers willing to pay a lot more just to cut a few hours of their journey. Nowadays what we really need is efficiency and lower prices as flying is still pretty expensive in a lot of markets. But we never know, the aviation industry might change its ideas and turn their heads and efforts towards supersonic travel again (this industry is a bit unpredictable).

  3. This will be very revolutionary they will sell more than 1000 aircrafts. Let me ask a general question if this aircraft comes out wouldn't you won't to fly in one. Boom will be overwhelmed by their sales and they will produce another model

  4. As much as I regret it, I don't believe supersonic commercial flights will come back one day, because it's not economically realistic. A business plane for business travelers in a hurry and only those flying above big surfaces of sea… How can you justify 1000 planes ?! Also I'm pretty sure SpaceX will indeed develop their super fast transport (anywhere on the planet in 1 hour), without limitations because it's in space so, no sonic booms 🙂

  5. I thought you might discuss the possible routes, in terms of permitted and non-permitted noise regulations, which Blue Swan had an article on earlier in the year. This is critical, because the actual aircraft that will push the barriers, are in fact, the Gulfstream and Bombardier business jets. Gulfstream actually already operates at speeds approaching Boom Supersonic's proposed speeds of 1,500- 1,700kmh. NASA had already conducted tests last year, for the original purpose of testing hypersonic aircraft and arsenal, with regards to the sonic boom. Basically, the engines will be exposed on the top surface of the wing, directing noise towards space where it will bounce off the atmosphere, thus creating less of an impact. Still, it will appear like a distant thunder of a young storm – quite faint but stilll audible. I am not too sure, if it's Air Insight or Flight Global, that supersonic will be achieved by flying higher altitudes of 50,000 ft to 90,000 ft (and therefore less distance), and gradual development of business jet engines.

  6. 2030s might be too late. By that time SpaceX's ballistic transportation (BFR) network might be operational and in this case the whole supersonic transportation (by planes) will be obsolete.

  7. Three non-afterburning engines (compared to the four huge afterburning engines on Concorde) on a smaller airframe will translate into (IMO) a significant reduction in operating cost compared to Concorde.

  8. I have a opinion. Superaonic stopped for manyreasons last era. 1 being the supersonic boom. Over neighbor hoods. 2 The price. It was to expensive for parts and fuel. I do believe that super sonic will be cool to see but will run it problems and fail…if i may say. If you have another opinion let me know.

  9. I really love your videos. But on the off chance that I'm not the only one who is confused by this… When you place text graphics on screen I immediately begin to read them assuming you are also quoting the graphic. But when you begin to paraphrase what's in on the screen, I get totally lost and half the time I don't really digest the information because I'm too busy trying to sort it out. Perhaps I'm just getting too old. But, I'm not sure why you would need the graphics if not to highlight important points, but then instead of emphasizing and clarifying those details by reading them as written, you actually make them more difficult to take in. (At least for me) Again, I really want to emphasize how much I like your content. If this has seemed overly picky and doesn't help, then please ignore this old man. Thanks for your time.

  10. This sounds so familiar. Build an sst. Find that fuel prices have gone way up since the inception of the idea. Realize that it's not economical. Cry, blame the Americans, and collapse. They need to figure out that the competition they have is not business class in main airlines. Anyone that is a frequent traveler in business class is a candidate for a corperate jet lease.

  11. So we take the Concorde design, we can not even go quicker than her, so London -New York 3 hours, the cost is just like the Concorde. So what are they do different, sure after burns what you want, ohh sorry Concorde had those, good job its all coming. I think your questions is who would want it and would the price be right

  12. Pardon for my rather whiny and unimportant opinion but don't you think the name Boom just sounds a bit childish? It just doesn't have the pizzazz like Concorde, Lockheed, Bombardier etc. Yes, I do also realize the name 'Boeing' sounds of a bouncing object but it came from a surname.

  13. There is definitely a market for an aircraft like this with routes from Europe to North America and the far east to North America. The issue is will it sell well enough to make it worthwhile? For an aircraft like this it will have to sell hundreds and maybe over 1000 units to be worthwhile and I don’t see that happening. That’s why I have my doubts about this happening anytime within the next few decades.

  14. Unless we can find someway to minimize or dampen a sonic boom, over land travel won’t be possible without everyone’s window braking every time one flew, and that’s the major issue and why concord never “took off” pun intended lol

  15. it could be working for a very specific market. The issue of the conccord was that it was not economically viable to run. Air France and British Airways lost tons of money because the ticket price was high and they couldn't fill the plane. I think overseas flight in between major cities could be the market with a plane holding 50 passengers. However I don't think that they will put business class seats as first of all the density of the plane will be lower so the price will be more expansive per ticket and secondly on a 3-4h flight you don't really need those huge business class seats as the flight won't be long enough for you to sleep like a 8-12h flight. Just premium economy seat with enough pitch for the legs will be enough, you're not supposed to stay here for a while. 🙂

  16. Like the Olympus 1000 engines on the concorde, there will be Super Cruise (No reheat on cruise). And with, modern engines now having ceramic coatings for maintaining heating on compressors ect… all the better. And, with all the composites we have now, the possibilities are amazing to make a frame so much better than the concorde… The new era of passenger supersonic aircraft an amazing opportunity!

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