Stiri_Turism_Singapore is Coming Alive

Odată a fost cunoscută ca un loc unde oamenii au mers la locul de muncă, mai degrabă decât să joace – dar multe s-au schimbat. Singapore are acum șase dintre cele mai bune baruri ale lumii, 47 Michelin …

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23 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Singapore is Coming Alive

  1. As a visitor, Singapore was not boring at all. I loved the place, but obviously living there means something else, and I can't comment on that.

  2. singapore is beautiful, clean, safe and developed… but because its a small city-state island.. its boring for singaporeans but not for tourists that come to visit for few days/weeks.. i've been to singapore in a 3 days and i explored most of singapore top attractions.. after that i was like "okay done for singapore'..

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