Stiri_Turism_Rape Accused Franco Mulakkal Suspended As Bishop Of Jalandhar Diocese

Violul acuzat de episcop, Franco Mulakkal a fost suspendat din funcțiile sale ca episcop al Jidharhariei Eparhiei de către Conferința episcopală catolică din India.

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43 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Rape Accused Franco Mulakkal Suspended As Bishop Of Jalandhar Diocese

  1. The CBI should take over the investigation, because the sardar Cop looks like he is hiding money in his turban.From the Catholic Church,get all the Nuns tested for virginity,ask bishop Franco or Cardinal Oswald Gracias to do that test.

  2. This is the work of Oswald Gracias the sex maniac Cardinal, the Catholic Church, should send all the nuns to check their virginity tested.we are sure Bishop Franco will be willing to assist in testing the virginity of all the Nuns.Lets have the Nun General also have her virginity tested, the victims of Oswald Gracias should be also questioned. The Nuns who lost their virginity should get the church to pay the Nuns a compensation.Because the danger of the Nuns being sent to Mumbais Dawood Ibrahim, to sell to the Nuns whore house….

  3. what the hell the nun did for past years? suddenly she comes over and tells that he raped her. there is sth fishy and humbug. there should be proper investigation. don't label him as accused

  4. After all, he earned this fate by begging because instead of confessing the crime to the victim and settling the issue within, when the first complaint came before him. His arrogance, money, position, power, and influence made him blind and he forgot that above all these things, there is a power who watches from above, who is God. The result of arrogance will always be ruin and down fall.

  5. The nun should be put behind bars or whatever punishment. She has been carrying on this for so many years just because she wanted 13 time is not rape.just because she wanted to spoil the religion name. She should have come out n get married. Just

  6. If we can give a second chance to those ministers who have commited similar crime, and nobody is protesting against them- Why in case of a Bishop people take so much interest?

    Only if Indian public will use this much time and energy to bring all those ministers and the corrupt govt down- at the least , protest against those manipulated voting machines- How much India would benefit?

  7. अब सभी समाजवादी बुद्धिजीवी मेंढक उछल उछल कर बहार नहीं आएँगे । अगर हिन्दू से गलती होती है , तो उसकी गर्दन दबोच ने पे आमादा हो जाते है । न जाने कोनसी ताक़त इन हरामीयो में आ जाती है । अब इन के पिछवाड़े में किसने बम्बू डाल के रखा है ।

  8. Dear brother and sister now is time to clean Catholic Church . Scandalous leaders. For some time do not give any money to the church. Than you will see better results .

  9. these case is very tic tac case,something feels like it was not a RAPE but sounds seems like Love affair only, To Rape means it should be happen only once.& the victim should immediately filed the FIR against the Bishop.but Y 12/13 times according to the nun he raped her.Y she was not raising voice in all these years ? N Y she shut up her mouth ,Sound seems like he ignored her,n she gets angry finally she come out n Makes his prestige lost

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