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Plătiți pentru săptămâna | Știri de camioane și călătorii 1 ++++ Vă rugăm să scrieți, abonați și comentează ++++ Camioane și călătorii: https://www.shoptruckandtravel.com/ …

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  1. Bro just go to northern and buy some moving blankets to go under ur tarps and nothing will cut threw it
    The blankets are like 15$ a piece I’ve had mine for a while , and get some good quality lumber tarps that are thick that’s what I use

  2. Hi Derrick & Cinnamon! (wave hand) I think you guys did awesome!! Even it was containers, I like the ride-a-longs that you guys do. Derrick that was a great idea tipping like that. 😉 We used to do that way back when in my day for construction. I'm glad that those days aren't gone!!

  3. If you can get away with deleting it, you would wonder why you waited so long. My 08 ram has 200k miles with the egr crap, and I had it deleted two weeks ago and it went from 8.9 mpg towing to high teens, and empty low 20's.

    It would pay for itself very quickly in your situation. And add power…

    Nice vid! I want to do this SO BAD!

  4. Thanks for such a honest open look into your numbers. In regard to deleting your truck, are there any ramifications you might be facing if you do so? Such as, warranty issues, inspection station problems along your travels throughout the country, registration renewal. etc? I agree that deleting the truck would help with the fuel mileage and extend the life of the engine. Just make sure that it isn't going to cost you in fines and aggravation. Are there modifications that would keep your truck compliant and help with those issues? Make sure you CYA! (cover your arse)

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