Stiri_Turism_Ocasio-Cortez Called Out Over MAJOR Public Screw Up

Jurnaliștii îl cheamă pe Ocasio-Cortez pentru o campanie majoră. La două evenimente, Cortez a BANAT PRESEDINTELE de la presă, o mișcare nici măcar …

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45 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Ocasio-Cortez Called Out Over MAJOR Public Screw Up

  1. Controlling the press, she is a socialist why are you so shocked that she would do something like this, it's standard for socialism just like like corruption , bankruptcy and famine. She is working hard to bring about a socialist utopia like Venezuela. If she gets any really power you better get ready to fight over the choice garbage and hoard toilet paper since the way it's looking for Venezuela sheets of toilet paper will be worth more than their currency.

  2. Trump has never banned the press. Ocasio-Cortez is a wackjob socialist. She's the female Maduro. I will celebrate with all my friends when she falls flat on her face because her policies are rejected by everyone with an active cortex. She's a pathetic, whining, disingenuous fraud with some very destructive ideas.

  3. I Love Trump and HATE MSM Lying Sacks of Shit! Ocasio Cortex is a Millionaire's daughter pretending to be Working Class !
    Fuck All the Demonrat Pedo Satanic Traitors!

  4. I guess this is an example of one of those super smart immigrants we've been hearing about huh? Typical dumbass as most of them. I'm so happy this is the best the democrats have to offer and can't wait to see how they go down in flames. Dumb phuk.

  5. Nope, sorry, it's not wrong to ban MEMBERS of the press when they are disruptive or flat out lying/spinning their news to be propaganda. As you said, he has not outright banned ALL of the press. This girl is a moron and everyone around her knows it — the spin doctors are keeping her as sequestered as possible. They shouldn't worry though since the people in her district are clearly as IQ challenged as she is.

  6. Banning the press is admitting that you and your ideas can't afford to be subjected to any scrutiny the spin pushed to justify it only proves that you are dishonest as well. But when you are as dumb as Ocasio Cortez what choice do you have…. ban the press and look bad or talk to the press and look worse ….

  7. Every attack lately has been from the Left: Antifa, illegals, 3rd wave feminists – it is absurd to suggest this was done to protect them from violence. They just do not stop with the lies and the misdirection. Eventually Ocasio-Cortez will have to face an actual opponent and they are going to destroy the nitwit, so let her have her fun now.

    50% illegals? Damn, where is ICE when you really need them?

  8. If her campaign was literally on fire she should have called 911.
    Literally means… physically. Really. In actual reality.
    You are literally wearing a beanie in this video.
    If her campaign is doing really well, you would say it's figuratively on fire.
    Literally and figuratively are opposites.
    We have DIFFERENT words because they have DIFFERENT meanings.

  9. I agree as long as "the press" is not turned into a special class of people with privileges or a closed club with membership cards. Which I don't think Tim Pool is doing…

  10. 4:46 as stupid as trump is, it amazes me how he dupes people as intelligent as tim pool and many others into misquoting him. trump says the "fake news" is the enemy of the people, not the press. to mr. pool, the problem in your statement @ 4:46 is that is one of two things: dishonesty or ignorance. you're better than that

  11. Socialist violates Freedom of the Press while crying spinning a false narrative as a "noble protector of poor victims"
    Imagining of my shock intensifies

  12. What I'm about to say will… pretty much piss off anyone that will neither understand nor care about the topic, but as someone who has experienced some of those issues, I feel that I should shed some light in this discussion. Please, just hear me out for moment and think about it before you decide to shoot me.
    When looking at the tweet, she mentioned those that have gone through domestic violence, sex trafficking and have personal medical issues. When that came up, two words came to mind:

    "Possible Suicides."

    Those topics are very sensitive to the point where there are some that would rather die than make it public. Yes, there is freedom of the press, but there is no absolute freedom. There are some things that you don't have the right to know about, one such thing is a person's trauma if they don't want to tell you, you can't force them to make it public. For those that want to say that people are stronger than that, or make the claim that no one is like that, all it takes is one, just one death will ruin everything. Illegal immigrant? Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if they were illegal or not, all it will take is just one suicide to ruin the whole point of such a gathering. Now, I have no idea if this is something like this is the truth, as I have not been there, and I have no evidence to prove my claim, however, I have no evidence to disprove my claim either. From looking at that tweet and taking my own experiences into consideration, if she really cared about the people (or rather cared about people in general), I will give the benefit of the doubt that she did do it to protect those that attended, for if I were in her shoes, I would gladly accept condemnation in sacrificing freedom of the press to protect life and liberty of the constituents for a short time.

    If I have convinced at least one person to think about this and view it from this perspective, then having to deal with the coming firing squad of unmitigated hatred and fear will be worth it. For the rest of you, you may fire your dislikes and comments at will into the void that is the reply button. Good bye.

  13. The press are the most rude disruptive liars on the planet. I agreed with Trump's denunciations, and now hilariously I find myself sympathetic to Ocasio-Cortez. And that's like sympathizing with… LITERALLY HITLER.

  14. Sorry Trump said "FAKE NEWS" was the enemy of the people. Also they kicked out one reporter, and told her to send a different one from same agency to replace her…no ban.and yes kick out the corrupt on both sides

  15. Just the natural consequence of thinking believing that everything your nation does and stands for is EVIL™ and needs to be demolished. Or deconstructed. Or whatever nonsense word Intersectional Suicide calls it this week.

  16. Let's be honest, pretty much everything this woman does is a shit show.
    If she has her idiot moments, then she's just the idiot that she is.
    If she's pursuing her idiotic political agenda perfectly, then she's just the idiot that she is.

    She really can't win, since she's an idiot with idiotic ideas.
    She's like Alex Jones but actually believes what she says (which is terrifying, considering her profile).

  17. Of course the far left doesn't want the media they believe that everything they say is the ultimate and absolute truth and there's no need for discussion because they found the truth so they don't need any criticism questioning or any suggestive alternatives that's why they're all a bunch of parrots on the left you either fall in line with them or you get pushed over the edge

  18. Occasional-Cortex is a totalitarian, socialist traitor to America. The fact that she has been able to get this far should be an indication to how fucked America is. If she is willing to ban all press over a meeting with illegals so that ILLEGALS aren't identified, and the law upheld, then what other potentially illegal things do you think she'd ban the press from reporting if she were elected?

  19. A "marginalized voice" is one not being heard correct? So how is having the press there, who could give said marginals huge coverage bad? She clearly doesn't like being questioned. You have to wonder what were the 'sensitive' topics these marginals wanted to discuss with her? If they were so sensitive and important to be brought up privately why can't those issues be discussed and debated openly where change could happen if it was needed? One does have to raise an eyebrow at such actions and the possible motivations.

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