Stiri_Turism_Muslim Ban at JFK Airport

Ordinul de imigrare al președintelui Trump, adnotat https://nyti.ms/2jJaZMQ (din NYTimes) Textul complet al ordinului executiv: Trump's Action Limiting Refugees în SUA https://nyti.ms/2jGG6bX. ..

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22 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Muslim Ban at JFK Airport

  1. I know not all Muslims are evil and vindictive, and I don’t ever single out a whole race because of the actions of what a certain group of scumbags fucks decide to do, but look at what has happened in our country, a lot of tyrannical Muslim attacks on innocent people and I agree that something needs to be done, I was for the ban, With that being said we need to protect this country and the people in it!we live in a soft sensitive posh society where everything offends everyone, our ancestors would be so disappointed in us, have a great day everyone!

  2. For several years now I have been here on YouTube watching how all the Muslims are coming into my country claiming that they were mistreated and not taken care of by their local government. So now there are these American peace loving people telling our government to let them in. But the immigrants don't want to work and most of them are in their late teens and mid twenties, single guys so where are their families at? Then our peace loving people want our government to supply these people with homes or a place to live, feed them and cloth them. Now those immigrants don't want to assimilate into our way of life and work for what they are getting for free. They claim that their religion tells them not to join the non believers but take what you need from them and if they refuse to do them harm.
    Now what is more interesting is there have been has been Hollywood stars that have taken some of these people in and had their property destroyed and when they tried to get them out were told the law couldn't help them as was the case with a farmers who invited several to come and live with them and had their farm and houses destroyed too. So you figure that people would wise up but no they have been told by the extreme lefties that they are peaceful people and that they are being miss lead by those who want them out of our country.
    I was raised to work when I wanted something special and then do my chores around the house and go to school and stay out of trouble with the police which I did most of the time.

  3. boy our laws, are not followed, and its ok, im fucking disgusted, and if your banned, your banned, no questions asked, twitter banned me, thats ok!!! fuck twitter and fuck the musims ho dont like our laws, follow them!! period, no excuses!!! ban ban ban ban ban ban, them!!!!!

  4. When a white guy makes a crime he is the only one hated by it

    When a muslim guy commits a crime, he is hated by it and so is all of his religion.

    WOW, that makes fucking sense… NOT

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