Stiri_Turism_JOHN TITOR: Time Travel, Parallel Universes, Deja Vu and Mandela Effects Explained?!

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38 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_JOHN TITOR: Time Travel, Parallel Universes, Deja Vu and Mandela Effects Explained?!

  1. If this story checks out then theres a john titor out there right now not knowing what his name means to people or how important he may be to people who study time travel.. maybe he’s being kept by the government because they know if we found out theres a john titor currently growing up it would be MASSIVE 🤯

  2. i don't think time travel to the future is possible or possible ever. unless you traveled to the past then back to the present, or future/now. we are in the future now. this is as far as we can go. we have to keep living on and on, we have to create it, so we are as far as we have gone. there is no tomorrow yet. only yesterday. if we go to the past we can travel back into our time. unless you changed something and then you'll never be able to, unless you stop your past self from changing the past? idk just an idea but its what i think.

  3. While I'm open to the idea of time travel, the number of wrong predictions on record for John Titor should be enough alone for anybody to realize the whole thing was fake. I did programming on the IBM 5100 back in 1975 and 1976. I know the machine well. For Titor to say that there was a "function" in that machine that someone in the future would need is ludicrous. That would be like saying that the Army of the future needed to travel back in time to the Civil War to investigate how they fired lasers from their muskets.

  4. I think the best thing for our planet would be a huge wipeout of 3 billion people. Most of the people on this planet are terrible, greedy and money hungry and I think the world would be a much better place if there were half the amount of humans on it.

  5. You need to make a video of Artificial Intelligence that have been programmed to be, act and look exactly like us and we would never know. Like they already exist in sports, TV, Media, Hollywood, the Government and other places. What if this Las Vegas Shooter was an Artificial Intelligence programmed for that Las Vegas event? It makes sense with everything you are talking about and everything you posted.

  6. This sounds crazy but from a young age I’ve had crazy de ja vu …. I see like pictures that fly by ina couple of seconds and as time goes on I immediately at the point of where I am or in the moment know I’ve seen it before and linked back to those pictures and every time that I’ve seen all those pictures I get a new set that again will eventually play out overtime ….. it’s so weird and I can’t pin point these small time frames of de ja vu ( I’m talking seconds) don’t seem to have any particular meaning or importance 😬😬

  7. Time travel just confuses me, I’d love to hear more info on it though. One question, if he couldn’t go back to the exact time lone he cane from how does he get the answers back to his time line. Or does he try and change the time line he’s in to change his time line?

  8. I was looking at the website and saw this post by him: 'Just curious…. what does everyone think of "IT"? (Ginger)'
    Maybe I'm misunderstanding but is he referring to the IT remake (this new clown was ginger) as it was a pretty controversial movie lol

  9. We have a race war, gender war, religion war, drug war, war on free speech, and there is definitely a movement rising to eliminate or greatly reduce the size of the federal government. People call this prediction wrong because of the incorrect date. He's just 13 years off. Civil war has already started.

  10. Hey Kendall, I really like your vlog…. it is very interesting… I have my own views but I believe some of what you talked about. you are very intellectual. LOOOOVE IT!!!!! Find me on FB- Jonathan William Hoop…. chat soon, I hope.

  11. You guys, everyone remember this video that Kelly Rae made. Watch it be gone because of a mandella effect, not from YouTube taking it down. Maybe even John going back again to 2000 and telling himself not to write any of it. So remember the name John Tidor, wait is that how you spell it?

  12. I think something was going on back then. What? I do not know, it could have delayed or changed people's decisions back then, that now things are changing. Maybe some, small fraction of UFOs are time travelers. The rest, the jury is still out on. Some people realize things are off, song lyrics are different, etc. The lawyer is telling the truth, it is someone else.

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