Stiri_Turism_ISIS Supporters Using Trump Travel Ban for Propaganda | ABC News

Multi oficialitati americane de contra-teroare se tem ca presedintele isi anunta incendiile de radicalizare a recrutarii ISIS cu interdictia de a se deplasa cu sapte persoane predominant …

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27 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_ISIS Supporters Using Trump Travel Ban for Propaganda | ABC News

  1. 1:28 So muslims are going to join isis because they can't come to the U.S. I say to those muslims who join isis for this reason. Fuck off. 3:503:53 the same Iraqis who dropped their weapons ran and had their weapons taken by isis great that still makes me feel the same. Iraq failed we lost many American lives in Iraq spent so much money and the Iraqis drop their weapons and run. Iraq is a disgrace of an U.S ally.

  2. Make America Safe Again for domestic terrorists, bigots, haters, and right wing conservatives to terrorize their neighbors who have more melanin than they do. Melanin, a skin pigment, is like money and big penises. It's all about the envy, a concern for not having what others have. They react with extreme prejudice, a concern for losing what they already have, white women with big tits (just ask Tiger), gold and money from Fort Knox, and anything else that involves property, family, money and women.

  3. The best Muslim countries is located in South east asia… Where the Men and women were equality, Where Women can into educated, Where the muslims love peace… Not like in Middle east ones… So I Support Trump and let EU support trump Ideologies too…

  4. I think about 40 ISIS soldiers should go through the gate in the ocean Bermuda Triangle and talk to two women who are
    from 2016 and 2015 who are Juliet like.  I think the government of Iran and government of Iraq should be friends with ISIS soldiers going through the gate.

  5. What a joke this attempt to smear the president for stifling the influx of Terrorists. It's about Terrorists not religion. This is really about the corporations losing out on their work force. You think they want to employ americans? Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft? Hell no. They spin it to act like it's so bad to vet known regions of terrorism. What a shit show the news is. This is designed propaganda so obvious

  6. fuck you abc news ur so full of shit we have deported all muslims cause of the fact ISIS terrorists are still getting in to the U.S.A what do u want? isis in ur homeland choppin off heads or isis making videos? they are terrorists u have to fight terror with terror trump is securing the boards do u want him to open the dooors so 1000s of isis soldiers can come in and fuckin slaughter rape ur children? are u fuckin retarded fuck me fuck out my face

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