Stiri_Turism_Is It Safe to Travel to the Big Island of Hawaii?

Explorarea insulei mari din Hawaii în timp ce vulcanul Kilauea izbucnește. VREAȚI NEVOIE PENTRU CĂLĂTORII DVS.? Vizitați magazinul Gabriel's Amazon pentru idei: …

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29 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Is It Safe to Travel to the Big Island of Hawaii?

  1. is it safe to travel to the Big Island of Hawaii? hm… earthquakes and mass VOLCANOs>>> ''' duh…I think soooooooooooooo…stupid question. Never under estimate or take mommy nature for granted… if she's roaring..chances are she's letting off steam.

  2. they're EVACUATING people from that island, because it has an ACTIVE ERUPTING VOLCANO on it….make sure you get real close to it and get a real good selfie with it…..stupid

  3. Yes, I was on the Big Island during the eruption a couple weeks ago, I even got drone footage of a fissure. I would've liked to get closer but it was still pretty wild to witness. Only 1% of the island had been affected but tourism was down 50%. I'm sure that those numbers have raised by now.

  4. oh my god big island is not safe the volcano is taking over the in tier island yes the the animals are all dyeing  lots of toxic fumes toxic dead animals thousand of death everywhere even dead tourists no don't come kona is gone lava covered it up sea turtle evacuated the whole island will drop off into the ocean and a tsunami will wipe out California, yes all Hawaii sharks are domesticated they only eat tourists spiders are deadly ,yes those are attack turtles they also attack tourists.murmaids also deadly they take your cash. don't fly the plane sucks up volcanic ash and they all crash into the volcano better to go micronisia or Johnson atoll  anawetoc tonga samoa there all safe places to visit.no toxic fumes just a little radiation  not deadly, seeya all in about ten years when the lava clear and the animals return.aloha

  5. Gabriel "THE TRUMP HATING" traveler. Let's talk politics Gabe. Bet it would be wonderful for your channel. Careful, comments made to other channels can follow you around in your travels.

  6. Well, if you don't try to go to the volcano and stay on the north and east cost, it should be fine. Just remember that most places in Hawaii prefer you wear clothes to cover up a bit, since you only wear swimsuits on the beach.

  7. Mostly so,, but if you go past a No Trespassing sign and get shot or shot at ,it's your ass. We don't care about your hiking adventure or your perfect vacation. KAPU means stay the fuck out. If it looks like you shouldn't be there, then you should probably just keep driving.

  8. It’s safe if you stay away from the locals that are loosing everything they own and have to deal with tourists taking pictures at the same time, please show respect and stay away from those areas…

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