Este timpul acelui an din nou. Pregătește-te, pleacă acasă puțin mai devreme și fii pregătit să stai pe liniile grele ale aeroportului, deoarece se așteaptă 50,9 milioane de americani …

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  1. Support the next narrated video Thanks!

  2. That's called the airlines jacked up their fares plus people tiring of the security theater.

  3. this is exactly why I prefer time travel.

  4. that is horrific to live like that

  5. Wasn't this filmed last year?

  6. эка невидаль!
    у нас каждые выходные летом такие, и ни чего – не плачем

  7. That's the freeway 101 southern califas

  8. Машинки движутся, только медленно.)

  9. Wow fuck LA i hope you're prepared to eat turkey in your cars people!!

  10. Is this unusual for LA? I've driven in LA on several occasions. The one thing they all had in common – it SUCKED!

  11. Notice while ABC posted this footage today on their twitter account, it is unclear if the scene is actually from today or last year. Last year was very similar. ABC post

  12. So glad I moved from So. Cal. Traffic was already murder back in late 80's.

  13. Isn't traffic in LA already an absolute nightmare on normal days? At least from what I heard. Really makes you wonder how they still haven't figured out proper public transportation. If you live in a big city in Europe you don't even need to bother buying a car and just rent it for the few occassions you need to buy furniture etc.

  14. Nightmare. If I wasn't on my way home, I'd get off first exit and go home. No feed is worth that.

  15. We need more cars, there are still 5.3 billion people om the planet without any car 😉

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