Stiri_Turism_How To: Travel To Cuba As An American || Visas, Immigration Process & More!

Călătoria în Cuba ca un american este mai ușor decât crezi. În acest vid vă spun tot ce trebuie să știți pentru a ajunge la Cuba ca pe un american! Anterior Vid: …

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26 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_How To: Travel To Cuba As An American || Visas, Immigration Process & More!

  1. Hello! I am going to Cuba in a month and had a few questions for you! I just wanted to check, did you apply for a visa before you went or do you just go to the airport and get one at the ticket counter? I am a little confused with this process and with my trip coming so soon I want to make sure I do it correctly!

  2. Hey girl I just subbed to you. Love your energy great vibes. Nice to see another Latina traveling and doing things before settling down for family I'm the same way. Saludos de LA

  3. I booked my stay via airbnb and they asked me the reason & i said people to people. Do i stick to the same response i used for airbnb when booking my plane ticket. Does my travel partner have to say the same thing? What are the steps when using that response? How can I get the itinerary info? Going in 4 months and just want to be well prepared.

  4. Please do tell me how is the internet and wifi speed over there because i am on my way soon and where is the most fanciest neighborhood there to rent an apartment please please please ?

  5. Two questions:
    1) How can you tell if a Casa Particular is occupied?
    2) When flying to Cuba, is it best to pack electronics (iPhone, tablet, battery chargers, cameras) in checked luggage or in carry/on?
    Really enjoyed and learned from your video.

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