Stiri_Turism_How QUICKSILVER is COMING BACK in Avengers 4? Time Travel Theory!

Cum se întoarce Quicksilver-ul la Răzbunători 4? Time Teoria călătoriilor Hei Webheads! În acest videoclip voi discuta exact cum va fi Quicksilver …

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45 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_How QUICKSILVER is COMING BACK in Avengers 4? Time Travel Theory!

  1. Hey Webheads! Let me know if you guys want Quicksilver to come back into the MCU! Also, do you guys think it's possible for him to come back? I always want to hear your opinions on this stuff! Thank you all for watching and I'll see you Webheads in my video tomorrow!

  2. If Ronin's family dies from the snap, maybe if they go back to Avengers 2 and stop Quicksilver getting killed, maybe even taking the bullets himself or shielding them with ninja tech or something so Quicksilver doesn't die so he can be the final fight against Thanos later on. They can do a little funny moment of Ronin saying "you didn't see that coming" and then he waves to his past self, leaves and Quicksilver and Hawkeye awkwardly stare at each other like "what just happened".

  3. Can anyone answer this question? How did Marvel studio and Fox Studio choose who gets what characters? At first i thought it was cut and dry….Avengers for MCU, MutantsXmen for Fox. But, when they are able to share Quick Silver, although two different actors and two different interpretations, it got me wondering about the process. Do they go down the line character for character? Can anyone answer me this?

  4. Hey ppl here's a better how bout if Hawkeye and quick silver didn't die it was pretty stupid how they just killed someone who just got introduced dies so quickly they could've done so many things

  5. He's a great character! I think he can come back. Especially when the Disney/FOX deal is finalized. They can ever learn and take inspiration from Evan Peter's Quicksilver.

  6. I Think Loki Lives Cause Loki Is A Frost Giant And When Thanos Choked Him He Did Not Turn Blue
    And I Think Loki Was Bruce Banner Because When He Tries To Turn In Hulk He Could Not And He Was
    Acting Silly And Seriously About Thanos And Bruce Banner Does Not Know Good Fight Moves But Loki Knows Fight Moves
    And When Bruce Banner Was In The Hulkbuster He Did A Jump Hit In The Head To Black Dwarf

  7. Maybe SHURI finished fixing vision and think about it, if they go back in time vision would want Wanda’s brother to come back so maybe they save him? It’s a dumb theory but whatever

  8. My points for avengers 4 are follows : years have passed and every one is in shock after the events in infinity war , hank pym met Tony and Bruce after the death of his wife Janet cause of the snap , captain marvel has come to earth and cap is the new head of shield and thor rocket and nebula are out in space , Tony and pym and Bruce have searched the infinity stones but only found the power stone and they new four stones are with thanos and they searched about the infinity stones the soul stone , pepper and Tony are in a relationship and have a child and Tony has made thousands of advanced armors and they have found the soul stone , thor takes everyone to vormir where cap is shocked to see the red skull who examines the soul stone and says gamora is trapped in it and a sacrifice must be made to get her out and nebula volunteers to kill herself for her sister and gamora tells everyone where thanos is and cap leads them all to a fight with thanos and cap and Tony are fighting side by side but Tony dies and that one future comes to end and the avengers win the fight , thor takes everyone to nidavillaer where eitrei makes them a infinity gauntlet and cap wears it and snaps his fingers but because of being mortal he died himself as a soldier by saving half the universe and Tony also comes back , Tony retires and is the new head of shield captain marvel and Dr strange lead the avengers and the post credit scene ( we are coming home ) the fantastic four are coming home

  9. I think that it's wrong because russos did shoot some fake scenes for both of these films like we saw in infinity war that they are different in trailers and movies

  10. BIG Spoiler for avengers(The End Days)

    Yes the name of the movie is AVENGERS THE END DAYS
    And Captain Marvel is going to kill Thanos and yes not only her but Captain America, Iron man, Adam Worlock and Hawkeye are going to make there group and go back in time and destroy all the stones
    Believe me.

  11. Quicksilver will have to come back when the X-men join the mcu. We need Quicksilver alive for the reveal that magneto is his dad. And maybe Deadpool is helping the avengers time travel. It makes sense 😆

  12. I hope that the maximoff twins figure out that their "Parents" aren't their biological parents and that Magnito is their true father (after Disney owns the mutants)

  13. Webhead Believe me or not, the 'Age of Ultron' Quicksilver could be as much more equivalently faster as the 'X-Men' Quicksilver. The origin of 'Age of Ultron' Quicksilver was retconned as an oprhaned Sokovian native, quite similar to the character's origin in the comics. Pietro Maximoff miraculously obtained his newfound powers via the Scepter's experimentation a year following the Battle of the Triskelion. Quicksilver seemed too inexperienced about his newfound superhuman speed abilities and most certainly appears he haven't had plenty of practice on figuring out the extents of his superhuman speed abilities. The X-Men Quicksilver expressed more of the character displays since he's a mutant who inherited the gift via genetic and/or puberty, you could tell the X-Men Quicksilver has spend too much of his time practicing the extents of his powers, especially the fact he's pretty much known for being a compulsive kleptomaniac.

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