Stiri_Turism_”History in the making”: College friends travel to U.K. for royal wedding

Mai mult de 100000 de oameni se vor aduna pe străzile din Windsor, sperând să privească prințul Harry și Meghan Markle. Printre ei vor fi patru femei …

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10 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_”History in the making”: College friends travel to U.K. for royal wedding

  1. Meghan is biracial and she looks nothing like these women. Biracial people are not black and most people outside of America recognizes that fact.

  2. Royal Wedding/Royal Lessons:
    Lesson One: Time for us to take delight in the good fortune of others, it's a way of appreciating our own blessings.

    Lesson Two: Our everyday choices add up and makes or breaks our individual level of "royalty" & protocol, most importantly our level of decorum. Being close to a mum that is appreciated for teaching yoga & educated in social work, who chooses to "get permission from the Palace" before doing an Oprah interview shows a genuine level of concern for ALL. On the other hand, a father and estranged half-siblings that act in clandestine ways puts EVERYONE at odds & invokes unwanted suspicion. These poor fools might be well advised to tap into their inner resources and change what they$$ DO $$ so that they can be BE better people. Lesson Two addendum: People who do well under stress do so because of fortitude NOT $$$ fortune $$$.

    Lesson Three: #WomenOfColorMatter We all can feel trapped by circumstances, or we can make the better of any situation because we can be clever & wise. The mum/mother of the bride is a petite woman of color born in the late 50's, which puts her at the highest risk for domestic & social abuse throughout her life, and yet she positively influenced and obviously protected her daughter from harm.

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