Stiri_Turism_Has Modi Govt Failed In Handling Fuel Prices ? | News Today With Rajdeep

Acest episod din "Știri de azi" discută despre prețurile carburanților din India care au atins un nivel record. Un litru de benzină costă mai mult decât Rs 84 în Mumbai astăzi., Modi …

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31 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Has Modi Govt Failed In Handling Fuel Prices ? | News Today With Rajdeep

  1. Modi has the habit of pointing his index finger at the crowd . but he does not know 4 are pointing back at him. What ever he says when he was CM was to bring Congress down. But when he does the same thing he does not see his image in the mirror. He himself said if petrol is high and not controlled that is a failure government. Now you did it so you are the same now '' FAILURE GOVERNEMNT ''. All BJP spokesperson will take up for the party , if they don't they will be kicked out and no job for them. Many of these film stars are a**L*****s . They are the big donations stars for BJP .
    BJP was talking about all other parties sharing the same stage , Mamta Banerjee and the rest. Modi was also on the same page , what have they to say now in W. Bengal. All BJP wants to do it Just attack Congress left right and center.
    They are making up for the loss in the Karnataka election as they need money now for the 2019 election . As BJP voting is power and money to buy votes .

  2. Double standard of modi he was against price hike when congress government wzs there n now he can't handle d same inflation s at d highest now after independence he should b brought down he has made blunders by demonization n gst life has become harder beyond survival

  3. Why Indias petrol price has increased so much within few days where as globally crude oil price has not increased so much in the same time …… Its Bjp Karnataka politics bcoz of which people are suffering still dont believe compare the market price of crude. At what rate its been sold and what rate govt is charging.. where is the money going then… it is going in pocket of corrupt political party to fight election and do horse trading.

  4. The answer expected:
    Lord Ramma' s time people used
    Black carts, Buffelow carts, horses, donkeys as convence thereby there was no accidents, loss of people etc….
    * Gandhi practised to walk any distance and requested people to make similar practice for good health of the country as well to the people.
    Sardaar Patel too did the same.

  5. This Modi has failed in.all not only in Petrol Diesel price ……This guy has failed to save the farmers mainly and didn't help the poor who are on the poverty and below poverty line . Only Hindus are getting respect and whatever they need .
    He failed to be a Prime minister and basically he failed to be a human where in Atal Behari Vajpayee is also from same BJP but Vajpayee is a great human.
    Don't take this guy into any account….

  6. Hike in fuel price mean hike in prices of essential commodities. It has its impact to poor not only to those who use vehicles. Modi supporter should understand this. Modi is not for poor.

  7. Where is the doubt araising from… PM of Gujarat Modi is a failure in regulating fuel prices it's 81.43 rupees per litre of petrol in Hyderabad as on 21/05/2018… No surprise to see Rs.100 per litre petrol soon.. hail this PM of Gujarat Modi to win next 2019 LS elections.. Im sure he can make Rs.150/Lt and even Rs.250/Lt of petrol.. without increasing any increase in standard of living he ll definitely increase taxes

  8. Bjp guys are so shameless words cannot describe. To be honest if the head of the family is biggest LIER then what can these small pawn of bjp can say . They get their l
    Paycheck just to defend . If they speak the truth the next minute they will be sacked. I challenge any of the parties Representive to accept the mistake their party has done. Do you think they will? And finally we Indians can be fooled very easily by these rougues in the name of religion. India needs their young educated generation to come forward into politics and throw these illlitereate thugs out. Jai hind.

  9. No Modi government has not failed in tackling fuel price rise but I have a strong feeling that part of the income or funds are being diverted for welfare schemes for the poor. I am not against this but you should not over burden one to derive gain for another.

  10. The scoundrel of Indian journalism spits another drop of poision against Modi, in a channel that no body watches or respects. And the KANGRESS pet dogs cone here and make silly comments to collect their pedigree from the Italian Bitch….from the Trillions that they made in 7o years of loot.
    Missionary and Jihadi fans , Phoo Phooing every piece of shit this Scoundrel journalist throws on the internet…

  11. when international prices down they never brought down petrol prices they r not fit to do goverence. they r making life miserable of people. the whole team of govt only speakes do acting not work fr people.

  12. BJP Leader say we have Computer to Execute with the Program which Congress MADE..!! Very good way to Escape Situation and hide the Legal theft they did to the common man's pocket, with this we understand BJP is not interested in reducing the prices of primary goods and services in which transportation play major role. (Har Tax ka Saat Govt. Trasure Ka Vikas) Ji BJP

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