Stiri_Turism_#GME | Central American migrants travel through Mexico to reach United States

Mii de migranți din America Centrală se deplasează în Mexic cu scopul de a ajunge în SUA, în ciuda amenințărilor din partea președintelui SUA, Donald Trump, pentru a închide …

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48 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_#GME | Central American migrants travel through Mexico to reach United States

  1. All set up, organized and orchestrated by the CIA. Fake caravans… retrograde excuse to justify Trump's huge and beautiful wall during mid term elections. If Trump really cared he would build a wall around the banana peninsula of Florida, state where the majority of illegals live.

  2. Here comes the FAKE NEWS.. got ten women in the whole invaders caravan and you talk to just them! What about the 7 thousand young fighting punks that is There? Why didn't you interview any of that scum? FKING FAKE NEWS SCUM!

  3. Ya and theirs been attacks on this country if you have munny. Your obviously welcome into the country you have a broken slipper your obviously stuck paying lawyers to get into the country. Get it right people wake up smell the coffee

  4. This is a time for all able bodied Americans to March like that caravan to the us Mexico border and stop these Invaders they will weigh down the American economy I don't usually take sides when it comes to politics I'm independent but the democrat's see this caravan as votes not Invaders

  5. He should just statioqn troops along the border and have them shoot anuthingcthat crosses the border. They are nit comingchere for jibs. They are comingchere for welfare checks. A pregnant woman is not goibg to get a job and they have no educatiob so few of them will get jibs. It's the welfare state that's bringing them here. Welfare already cost this nationvtoo much. If they want to gight for a bettervmife they should be fighting forvit in theircnative country. We do every thingvwe can to improve those natiins but it takes the peoplecliving there to want change and to fight for change. What they do is run to this country then fight to change things here.we don't want to speak your kenguage here. We don't want to see your flag flying in our cities abd neighborhoods. If you love your nation so much stsy the hell there.

  6. We don't want your sick your week or your huddled masses the wall is not going to stop them deploy our military give them orders if they cross open fire anyone who refuses should be shot on site for treason they are not immigrants they are Invaders

  7. One story was about a mom who lost her daughters. She said her children are having a hard time because they have never slept on the ground and have never been hungry? What exactly are they running from? Looks and sounds like child abuse!!!

  8. The list of those who need help should start with the children in the slums of Detroit, Chicago, New York, etc… . All places in this country with violence against children who are citizens. Start with solving the problems of our own citizens, in this case our own children. The USA already has a massive problem with women and child trafficking, homelessness and the degradation of poorer communities, the massive problem with homelessness among our Veterans. All of this should get preferential treatment, it has and does not get the attention it should. Our healthcare system is a mess, the increasing disparity between the rich and poor which leads to huge social inequity. It is a massive problem and it's not being addressed. These countries all have huge problems, transferring these problems and the burdens that come with it to our citizens through mass Illegal Immigration, in the end, won't help anyone. Here's the Rub! I'm not a Trump supporter, I'm an independent and this goes way beyond party affiliation. Conflating Illegal and Legal immigration does not he help.

  9. Russia or China if your watching this is how you can invade the U.S. Without firing a shot , send your UNARMED troops through our southern border and claim refugee status and theres nothing we can do to stop you .

  10. It's an invasion as simple as that but our country is so weak that we can't stop them. The reason we can't stop them is because we refuse to do what it takes to stop them. It's the same reason that will never win another War because we would rather allow ourselves to be run over and lose our rights then to hurt someone's feelings and do it has to be done. We are all living in the last days of America.

  11. Fatty is going to have a massive heart attack at any moment and because he doesn't like to believe that he is under 6'1" and over 239LBs (his weight) I haven't laughed that hard since I got shot in the femur.

  12. You know what everyone if this guy he wanted to complain again and they can't because there is not even a single evidence of migrants like 0 like he said anyway he got nothing to respect of migraines are immigrants and Central America because they say that they going to bring Edibles and crimes crossing the border to America guess what not even a single evidence so everything that what he said is a lie and some of you that you should know this already because remember that a few months ago a few weeks ago last year 2 years ago think about it just do your homework and you are the stand

  13. The USA : Biggest economy in the world through robbery, loves to be a beacon of democracy, installs their military in every other country, slams the door shut to the needy and acts like a victim.

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