Stiri_Turism_FUNNY: Russians Support UK Sanctions Against Russian Oligarchs – Abramovich Can’t Get a Visa Anymore

Abonează-te la Știri Vesti https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa8MaD6gQscto_Nq1i49iew?sub_confirmation=1 Roman Abramovici trebuie să explice cum el .. .

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23 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_FUNNY: Russians Support UK Sanctions Against Russian Oligarchs – Abramovich Can’t Get a Visa Anymore

  1. After unintelligent Gorbachev dissolved USSR the new state of Russian Federation become the most criminal of all countries around the world. As Yeltsin come to the power by illegal and unconstitutional means he becomes instantly a criminal. Imagine if the chief criminal is ruling a country what would happen, well no need to waste time in useless thinking because the result is before our eyes – Russia.

    After criminal Yeltsin after a frenzied search for his successor, he finally found one, the best – Putin. All Yeltsin demanded was that his successor will protect him against any prosecution and persecution for committed crimes. Putin at that time was well-established criminal in St Peterburg and it was Berezovsky who recommended Putin to Yeltsin. Putin and Berezovsky had same criminal roots in St Peterburg.

    Before Yeltsin stepped down he demanded from Putin to accept the agreement of immunity against prosecution for whole extended Yeltsin family and their close friend's oligarchs. Putin was very willing to do that as at that time he did not have a pot to piss and he dreamed to become powerful and rich, so he was very willingly accepted Yeltsin's conditions.

    Since then Putin with his Mafia friends made sure that whoever was even thinking of challenging his authority was taken care off. Some stupid oligarchs ended life in a bad way and mostly who disagreed with his terms simply escaped abroad, mostly in UK and Israel with all of their capital.

    Swiss Central Bank and financial authorities around 1999 declared that about 179 billion US$ of Russian origin passed through Swiss banking system as most of it has been brought in cash and later transferred in other countries and interestingly enough most in the USA – Delaware.

    Recently some Russian financial body officially stated that since the year 2000 til 2016 about 430 billion US$ have been smuggled out of Russia onto Offshore bank accounts. Taking into account that earlier this year Russian Central bank announced that Russian corporations owned by oligarchs keep about 1.5 trillion US$ on offshore accounts and that it has been registered increasing trend that money gets "lost" in dodgy transactions and actually has been swindled from company accounts onto private bank accounts.

    Remember that all is happening under the Putin's watch and under his protection. Once it becomes clear that the USA and UK will go for that huge pile of criminal origin money, Putin urgently issued a presidential amnesty on the capital on offshore bank accounts, thus making all committed financial crimes legal. He wanted to salvage what it was still possible but it was already too late. The USA, as well as other NATO countries, have adopted legislation which prevents bank transfers or withdrawal of the larger amounts of money. All are targeting Russian oligarchs.

    Let us remember that USSR did not have many people who would be able to claim to have US$ 1 million of clean origin, therefore how it is possible that people who did not have a pot to piss, all of a sudden become not just millionaires but billionaires with more money than any western billionaire. That what is published is only a very small amount which is officially registered. altogether a couple of hundred oligarchs own 2 trillion US$ on offshore plus whatever officially is known at home in Russia.

    Our general prosecutor in one of his comments said that these people (Russian oligarchs) should be stripped of everything and thrown in a jail for the rest of their life. It was said that until Putin will stay on power oligarchs and their crime will thrive as Putin is a major benefactor of their stolen money. According to the Swiss banking information stolen by one bank officer and given to our BND (they were looking for German rich people avoiding taxes – read in Wikipedia about that) and they realised that CD contains thousands of bank accounts of Russian individuals (one person several accounts) and then they discovered that there is one Russian citizen who is unemployed and he has nearly 100 bank accounts each with several hundred million US$.

    This person is close and trusted personal Putin's friend from college days. Our BND estimates that Putin's wealth abroad on secretly coded accounts is between 8 – 40 billion US$. It does not matter which is correct as Putin til this year had a salary of 100.000 US$ annually, and only this year it was increased to 300.000 US$ because his lavish lifestyle did not correspond to that pittance of money he received. That was the major indication that he is spending 3 – 4 times more than was his annual salary.

    Russians will have to wait until someone come to his senses and triggers legal meanings of replacing Putin and opening a full investigation into his wealth as well as in the wealth of all criminal oligarchs.

    Remember that Putin is not a Russia and Russia is even less Putin's. Russia is immensely more important and bigger than one criminal even with name Putin. Same applies for every corrupt and criminal politician and oligarch.

  2. Cool, firstly they used this dirty money and now they say, that Russian Oligarchs are corrupt))) double standards))) And previously Britain robbed its colonies and took everything from those colonies: natural resourses and etc. And it was normal. Their rich families earned all their money a very honest way))) All people are equal, but some of them are more equal)))

  3. Britain is now the most likely suspect in Skripal Poisoning Case since its Lies have imploded. However, there are no signs of the Investigation continuing so that Britain can clear its name. Other oligarchs living in Britain have been afraid that they could be on Britain's 'hit list' like Skripal, and some have gone into hiding. They made their money aiding Britain to bring down the Russian Economy, but are now afraid that Britain may be 'silencing' them.

  4. britain your going to choke on your own crapp.the yanks ar not going to save you no matter how many anti russian scenes you can make up.the eu is now wooing your old colonies and are making big promises on trade deals.these deals are going to have hooks to them.they will be cutting britain off.your old colonies will not be able to help you.good job too you were thankless bunch of toffee nose barstards who just ripped us off.

  5. Великобритания на протяжение всей истории,получает деньги грязным путем.так как на этом их империя и основалась !

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