Stiri_Turism_Foreigners Try Filipino Food (Dinuguan) at ZubuChon in Cebu! – Philippines Travel Vlog

Străinii încearcă să mănânce Filipineză (Dinuguan) la ZubuChon din Cebu! Cei doi Broskis, Jazz & Kell au sosit în Cebu City și sunt gata să încerce mâncare filipineză!

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48 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Foreigners Try Filipino Food (Dinuguan) at ZubuChon in Cebu! – Philippines Travel Vlog

  1. What's up broskis and babeskis!
    Today a vlog that's a bit different from our usual ones! Hope to hear what you guys think in the comments!
    Don't forget to like/share/subscribe if you enjoyed! 😁

  2. New subs here there you go you tried our famous blood stew with awesomeness your part of the tribe called aswang hehehe joke 😁😁😁😁 i prefer beef blood stew more flavory

  3. New sub here.👍🏻
    You guys are hilarious! Laughing my ass off.
    Street food, then Dinuguan with no rice…savage.
    Can't wait to see you Broskis eat balut!

  4. Dinuguan is best eaten with rice or puto (a rice cake thing) to cut the thickness and that texture. Pro tip guys: most Filipino dishes are to be eaten with rice. 😜👍happy travels. But also, ask the locals at your hotel/hostels/accommodations. You'll have an even more enriching and epic adventures. Cheers guys.

  5. First off… Shout out to y'all for trying it out! And I liked Dinuguan, but when I found out what it was made out of… I kind of put a halt into trying it ever again lol

  6. funny video guys! keep those dares coming. most of the food in the philippines have strong flavor and it is usually balanced with steamed rice like dinuguan. new sub here, watching from dubai.

  7. Hahah you guys ate it without rice. The dishes are really good with rice and the pig's blood is good also with puto(a rice sort of delicacies) but nevertheless, you guys are my cuties. More travel videos and eating everywhere hehe😘😉😉 and also i want you guys try speaking filipino while like buying something or talking to people. Hahaha it would be funny.

  8. May katangahan din yung mga nagse-serve sa ZubuChon dyan! Hindi man lang nag suggest na dapat umorder sila ng rice dahil hindi sya masarap kainin without rice.

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