Stiri_Turism_Flyer beware? 60 Minutes’ Allegiant Air investigation

Steve Kroft vorbește cu 60 de minute de prelungiri despre preocupările legate de siguranță de la bordul Allegiant Air – și propria sa chemare aproape de zeci de ani în urmă pe o carte de presă Abonează-te la …

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48 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Flyer beware? 60 Minutes’ Allegiant Air investigation

  1. Allegiant airlines is like the China Airlines of the 90's and early 2000's; meaning it is horrible unsafe. Do you see how many emergency landings they have to make? All the ageing aircraft they use, the iffy maintenance practices and issues that arise all the time? I remember a passenger once complaining that HYDRAULIC FLUID had flooded the cargo hold and their luggage. That one comment was enough to deter me from flying the airline for any reason.

  2. This was the worst flight experience I’ve ever had. Do not fly this airline. It’s extremely poorly managed. They won’t be in business long. Fly Delta or anything else, heck, ride a hang glider wherever you need to go, you will get there faster and safer, I promise. They gave me a voucher to fly with them again… nope. Going straight to cc company to dispute all charges.

  3. All allegiant planes meet FAA guidlines. Everything always breaks at somepoint but they maintain their planes to meet the standards all the mechanical failures were never at risk of causing the plane to fall out of the sky. I fly allegiant and ill keep flying allegiant till the FAA says nit to

  4. Was just sitting on a one of these planes about 2 hours ago leaving from Sanford FL to Allentown. Flight was supposed to leave @ 6:45 the pilot came on @ 7:00 to say there was smoke coming out of the APU so they probably couldn't fly that aircraft. Probably?!?! I got up and walked off the plane.

  5. Many of the flights Allegiant does are small cities and not to places many airlines fly nonstop to. I have to fly Mesa to Idaho falls because it’s the only direct. I used to fly Phoenix to slc then have to catch a 3 and a half bus ride there.

  6. It's funny how we have here a very serious 60 min. bit about how dangerous it is to fly on Allegiant. Very quickly they passed over the part were they have never had an accident though. You know who has? Delta, Southwest, American, United, Pan Am, TWA, etc….. More useless American garbage sensationalism by media for tv ratings.

  7. It must be hard for the Allegiant Pilots to keep showing up for work and chances their lives! What can they do? Finding another airlines to fly for with same status rank and pay can be a challenge. Quiting hurts their families livelyhood. What can the Pilots do?

  8. How many deaths or injuries in the last 10 years? 0. You may have old equipment that breaks down and causes delays. Is it unsafe? no. People seem to forget that when you pay for a $99 fare half way across the country you might sometimes get what you pay for. If you want newer planes and nicer amenities, you have to pay for it.

  9. The ValuJet of the 21st century! I know that the same dude who was CEO of ValuJet is now the CEO of Allegiant, but you would think he would have learned his lesson after the everglades incident.

  10. I flew Allegiant last month from Vegas to Colorado Springs. Our flight got delayed for 20 minutes due to "mechanical problems." I joked to my wife that they probably forgot to put gas in it. I never fly so I figured this wasn't an uncommon occurrence. With planes being serviced in Mexico and El Salvador, I think we can get used to more "mechanical issues" or even engine failures such as the Southwest one.

  11. My problem with this video is that they don't go into detail about why people are 3x more likely to have an incident. They don't claim that Allegient doesn't keep up on maintenance and that is one of the biggest factors in any safety incident. Things happen, this kind of stuff happens with any airline you choose – I feel like they are missing evidence in this video to support their reasoning. I flew Allegient once, my first time on a plane and it was completely safe.

  12. Flying on an airline with cheap prices like Allegiant Air really is "you get what you pay for." These type of airlines typically have older aircraft, very questionable maintenance practices, and very questionable pilots. This is why you can fly with an airline like Allegiant Air for a third of the price or less than a major airline. Unless the FAA (who unfortunately a lot of times have a tombstone mentality) steps in, I'm afraid Allegiant Air is another Valujet in the making

  13. That’s something that scares me traveling on other countries airlines because sometimes the don’t have tough rules like in US 🇺🇸 If there is a place where I don’t want to save money is on a airplane ticket YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR LIFE AT RISK

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