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  1. that infection you are talking about is called cultural Marxism and it is a fucking plague.

    its said hard times create strong men,
    strong men create good times,
    good times create weak men
    weak men create hard times.

    cultural marxism is the wrench in the cycle that creates confused men who are not sure if they are men or women, and not sure if they are in good or bad times. America is fucking awesome, but these leftards would convince you that everything is racist, sexist homophobic etc and it all has to be torn down and they are intent on being the force that does that,

  2. We need greater political decentralization, so that Californians can live as Californians; Oklahomans can live as Oklahomans, and neither can use the force of the federal state to live as the other wishes them to live. (Extrapolate that to all 50 states.)

  3. Re: MTG. Another example of cancerous social justice polluting everything we love. I don't play MTG but I do play 40k and we've recently seen a wave of people with no connection to the hobby decry the lack of diversity in our dystopian scifi toy soldier game.

    It seems wherever there are men enjoying anything there is also an army of time-rich white women armed with facebook accounts ready to shit all over it.

  4. There are more and more news websites I used to trust that I've had to cut off as they get increasingly political, or post fake stories without correction or retraction. Same to be said with silly variety sites like Cracked and Buzzfeed – they were once an pleasant pass-time, now they're cringe city. It feels like the area of life considered apolitical is shrinking and shrinking – it's become so small that politics is grossly seeping into everything, like Magic the Gathering as you mentioned. If this civil war does it come, let it come quickly and be resolved with minimal violence already…

  5. I’m already past the point of being READY for this shit to jump off for real… I’m sick of the fucking whining and crying and mouthing off— and ready to start eliminating the problem— PERMANENTLY.

  6. The polarisation happening at the moment, the appeals to emotion and conformation bias are just a load of monkeys exercising their monkey brains. Hitchen's was bang on the money when describing humans and so was Bertrand below….

    “The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.”
    ― Bertrand Russell

  7. Multicultural countries never survive.
    There will not be another Civil War….the country will balkanize along racial lines.
    BTW….a Civil War is when one or more groups wants control of the government.
    These competing groups simply want to go their own way…..to balkanize.

  8. Who would win in a civil war?
    literally millions of rednecks armed to the teeth who have been training for round 2 for decades
    A bunch of fat feminists and their soyboy allies who have never even seen a real gun before
    Keep in mind that the US military will most likely side with the rednecks because conservatives overwhelmingly make up the military.

  9. Makes a lot of sense. On twitter I see these sjw media accounts with thousands of followers but, when you look at their post interactions its like 1 comment and 8 likes. While you'll see other accounts with a few hundred followers getting 20 comments and 100 likes.

  10. You say that Magic's issues don't matter that much, that you can play with your friends. Magic reserves the right to seize your online profile, which they did in that banning instance. all the money you put in – gone. They can literally take away the stuff you bought without an appeal process or anything.
    Anyone on any side of an argument should not support that idea.

  11. For the first time I noticed your theme music playing softly in the background. I found it mildly annoying once I noticed it and wonder if it might be better to turn it down even further? I'm an OCD type so it might be just me!! Anyhow, it might be worth asking your audience what they think? Keep up the great work!

  12. Fake traffic ? Too bad for some of the SJW's, this type of traffic does not exist on highways they attempt to block.
    "But me thoughts it was fake traffic !" "Why can't I feel my legs and do you also smell crap and pee ?"

  13. Consolidation of all media and entertainment companies has amplified the distrust of these companies because they are all intertwined. The cultural civil war is a cold war being fought through views and money. Just ask the NFL how this is working out for them by becoming a battleground in this cultural war.

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