Stiri_Turism_Cole Sprouse SLAMMED For Insensitive Travel Photos & Issues Apology

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40 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Cole Sprouse SLAMMED For Insensitive Travel Photos & Issues Apology

  1. I don't get the offense. I've read the comments and the points people are making, but I still don't get it. I feel like I usually understand what is offensive, but I can't see it here. The joke he made about the kids following him around was just a joke. I think people attached race and social status to it. I don't get what the mistake is. He didn't make a joke about them being poor. I don't get the second picture though, but maybe don't take pics of people sleeping. I don't get the 2nd joke either. Are people mad because he's white and took pictures?

  2. Well what do you expect for a guy who take naked picture of himself. Its okay to show poor side of a country/city but yo make fun of it, only disgusting person can do that

  3. Perhaps he should come out and attempt an apology for mentally abusing his ex girlfriend — and when she came out for it, his braindead fans and that horribly talentless brother of his harassed her.

  4. I wanna go back to the 2000s where you could open your mouth without everyone crying “offensive, insensitive”. Like these next generations are going to be so PC it’s not even funny. Can’t even say hi without someone getting mad because they know that they will get attention from it

  5. those pics are pretty but he didnt have to put those captions..actually, he didnt have to put captions at all, people could still appreciate the photos

  6. I live here in philippines, im a huge fan of him but i dont know anymore. He's in the right age to think what's right or wrong, i know everyone is not perfect but eeh i don't know. Everyone defending him because yes, its cole sprouse everyone loves him because of his look and yes, riverdale. Im not hating on him that much im just confused.

  7. All the triggered Cole sprouse fans dragging this woman's voice are disgusting. They saw she was pretty and realised they couldn't drag her looks so instead are going after her voice? We gotta stop teaching girls to drag down other women in order to defend mens bad choices.

  8. This is the first time he does this I hate when ppl have nothing to do and just hold on to small stuff that are not suppose to be took to heart they act like there a dog wth a bone I mean come on stooop pls

  9. Cole takes pictures of people all of the time and may not have thought about how other people would see it because that’s just what he does however I do think the caption in the first photo can very easily be seen as offensive to some people and that he could have thought of that but he likes to joke about things, again that’s just what he does.
    The second photo is once again taking pictures of people and making jokes, it’s just what he does and he obviously didn’t mean to offend anyone he just shared some photos from his perspective.

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