Stiri_Turism_California Travel Update….Free Wifi….Airtab Report….Sacramento…RVerTV

Full Time RV living ..quick actualizare în această săptămână de călătorie prin California .. Raport privind Airtabs și Radiolabs Wave XL RV Wifi Repeater …

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28 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_California Travel Update….Free Wifi….Airtab Report….Sacramento…RVerTV

  1. I completely agree with you on coach design. Why do manufacturers not make the front a little more aerodynamic and if the "Airtabs" work, why not implement that into the design as well.

    I would have liked to know about a before and after mileage test on the Airtabs. Even a 1/2 mile increase in mpg helps the wallet! Safe travels!

  2. Hi Russ, there is an RV Dealer there in Sac I just met in Q. a month ago. He owns the Laundromat just N. of main 1/2 block on 95. on the west side. (free WiFi).

    He also deals in some used RV's he said.

    Thinking you both would hit it off. Maybe you could make some videos with him on an RV Trade in to show room sale ready. Show him you Spirit videos !

    Thinking you two could work together. Maybe a trade out for a home base for you if you wanted to do a few RV restore and flips ? Maybe draw some attention to RVs he has for sale and to his repair shop.

    If you like tell him I talked with him in his Laundromat. I am the Outdoor Channel Guy, from Spokane who knew of RV Dealer, Ray B. (up here) & I suggested you two may work well together & should meet. Best. Don

  3. Great videos….Russ, while you're in town (Sacramento) and after visiting your friends, if you'd like to go out to dinner with me & the Mrs, let me know and we'll meet up after work one day.  This weather can be a real downer!!!

  4. Hi Russ: Good video, Really enjoyed the Air Tab Report, I had wondered how you were making out in the wind out on the desert. Glad to hear the TABS made a big difference. It makes sense to try and cut out the turbulence, the RV manufacturers could have helped with that when they built them.. Joe Blow Best to Scoobs

  5. Great video Russ. Super glad to hear Scoobs is on the mend. Sacramento sure looks like a very pretty place to live. Good luck job hunting. Just a suggestion here……you can set up a "Fan Funding" tab here on youtube, for donations to help support your channel. I for one………..would send you a donation! 🙂 I enjoy watching ALL your videos and always look forward to the next one. Take care and you and Scoobs Travel Safe.

  6. Would you please give some information on your radio lab system, I have the red port and it's not very good, I have had all kinds of problems with it. With your system can you stream movies like on Netflix please advise me thanks.

  7. Sorry you didn't make the coast. I was hoping to give you a shout out at the Rincon Parkway! FYI, in this neck of the woods, it never rains much. (rained during the night, and was sunny and beautiful today). Maybe another time!

  8. Hi Russ Leysa here! Glad you and Scoobie are set down for awhile to regroup and relax…… enjoy your visit with old friends. Thank you for taking us along will be watching and waiting for new videos. Let us know how we can support you! Be safe!

  9. Best of luck on the job search. I can only imagine the changes that have taken place there in Sacramento since I lived there. But I loved camping up at Lake Tahoe and northern California.

  10. Hey Russ, I hope you find some work that suits you soon. I saw your Amazon links and was wondering what the difference is between a silver Gopro and a black Gopro, other than the color? I'd like to get one. Thanks!

  11. Enjoying your videos – good review of the week. Glad to see that you're travelling safely, Scoobs is well, and Breeze is doing the work without any issues. Good luck with the job hunting….Insider's Tour of Sacramento would be nice. I've never been there – anything worthwhile to visit (Capitol Building, other sites?).

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