Președintele Trump a adăugat Chad, Venezuela și Coreea de Nord la lista țărilor interzise de a trimite imigranți în Statele Unite. Trump a scăzut, de asemenea, …

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  2. Why Venezuela Is On President Trump’s New Travel Ban

  3. Wow I didn’t know trump would be the first president to be a racist and turn America from a nation made up of immigrants into a nation where certain people are not allowed in America at all.

  4. Please write the school concerning a gift rejected . write the school to complaint online…please write all of you. Liz Phipps Soeiro, the school librarian for Cambridgeport Elementary School

  5. Thank you SIR TRUMP ❣️❣️❣️

  6. Better if they fight rats from infestation of New York city subway system .

  7. I'm wondering why Chad

  8. Venezuela just stopped using the dollar to trade oil and now they are on ban list hmmmmmm and nk Iran and Syria don't have Rothschild banking system

  9. They are all liars! Trump was right again.

  10. Good call by our President. There is no reason for unwitting Americans to put themselves in danger.

  11. Alex jones has totally fooled these trumptards to believe anything trump does is positive.remember when he did the first travel ban for 6 months?lol.anyone who supports trump lacks critical thinking in the most serious way.

  12. Deadly days are coming! Seek God!

  13. You libtard morons! NK will try to send insurgents/agents. It is an enemy country and has been!

  14. Dropping Sudan is going to be an issue with many, after yesterday's shooting by Emanuel Samson.

  15. I'm British and I have to say that trump is a amazing character. He never stops surprising me the crazy things he does .. but he sure makes us laugh… I don't think he will be your president much longer but I will miss his crazy antics..

  16. Thank you Mr.president for dropping my country from the list . That was generous …and i am coming for a tour very soon .

  17. Kim Jung Dung… your on notice! do be fooled into thinking you can stand against the Red, White, and Blue…

  18. I'm Chadian but this shit is funny.

  19. President trump is the best , hopefully libtards are not gonna block this

  20. So basically it's Moore (American patriot) Vs. Strange (Trump yes man), hmmmmm.

  21. Cuba gov't officials too.

  22. dude you need a script. Your material is good but your rambling is pathetic. goo luck.

  23. Put down the envy, turn to face God

  24. Americas fight is against the envy and stupidity of communism

  25. What's stopping him from adding Mexico ?

  26. Wonder what the left is gonna call this, they can't call it a Muslim ban, I bet they'll call it something impossibly dumber than before.

  27. Why in the name of idiotic decisions would he add North Korea, No one leaves North Korea i thought that was the whole point. What a ridiculous decision that is.

  28. Its all about to go down any day now but those who trust in the Lord will have everything work in their favor whether good or bad rapture or no rapture the Lord will return at perfect timing and that will be the rapture.

  29. Thank you Mr. President!!!!

  30. GOOD NEW'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This opportunity to reclaim our republic is but a fleeting moment in time, the Blink of an Almighty Eye. If this last opportunity is missed by We, the People, with eyes wide open, with God on our side right now, then the promise of hope and a blessed future for our children and their children's children will be swallowed by the greed and avarice of the demons possessed that confront us all today. Slay the dragons of deception. They are trying to devour us. Stop them by exposing them.

  32. Fantastic. Very smart. Good going Trump. God Bless Our Pres.

  33. I fucking called it 😂😂😂 they can no longer call it a "Muslim" ban! They're probably gonna call it a "xenophobic" ban.. dude GNT I love y'all!! Y'all are amazing!

  34. Prepare usa for a massive immigration from Venezuela, this people are very ugly culture they like to live from government, shame

  35. Thank goodness. Finally.

  36. Way to go Mr. President!

  37. anyone wanting to travel to North Korea is completely out of their mind.. If you travel to Venezuela, bring your own toilet paper.. they ran out about 3 years ago.

  38. Lets throw a party over this gooood news ! Yea … !

  39. Add a few more!! I say add the entire rest of the world, whatever keeps us safe

  40. You don't think the travel ban has anything to do with our plans on "regime changing" these countries? Travel ban, sanctions, war. The countries we did decimate, we will be returning and raping them of their resources.

  41. Kim pock is looking for war!

  42. GO TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Right because we all know that North Korea (the "hermit nation") sends lots of people to the USA.
    Trump's an idiot!

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