Stiri_Turism_Breaking news Nigeria is among the America travel ban by PFM LEADER ERANOMIGHO

Nigeria este printre interzicerea călătoriilor în America de către PFM LEADER ERANOMIGHO.

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28 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Breaking news Nigeria is among the America travel ban by PFM LEADER ERANOMIGHO

  1. Great propagandist and minister of misinformation I greet oga Eranomigho but Nigeria is not among the travel ban list ok but some corrupt Nigeria politicians have USA visa embargo impose on them we no dey 7 nation travel ban to USA

  2. I love pfm and I will continue to support pfm in any angle. please, let's not misunderstand my father, eranomigho. the truth is that som wrong pple pas.. wrong informatio.. to him. please, whosoever dat s doing dis shld stop because, we don't want anytin dat will put down dis platform. thanks to evry1 here

  3. Nawooooooo, where do you get your information from oga PFM. Abeg oga, NIGERIA is not among, pls always be update before coming out to give false information, Go to Google, Nigeria is not among ooooooooo oga Lawyer PMF.

  4. The supreme court weighed the legality of the third iteration of Trump’s travel ban, which sought to bar or limit immigrants from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen. North Korea and Venezuela were also among the countries listed in the ban, but their presence was not challenged in court.

  5. Complete noise MAKER, where do you get your informations from????? Did you really understand the English they speak in the news? Can you stop decieving people???? Nigeria is not on the BAN LIST. I don’t have anything against Omoyele Sowore, he betrayed every trust the day he started snapping pictures with FULANI HERDSMEN, and telling us that they are not all bad. FULANI HERDSMEN ARE A COMPLETE ENEMY TO NIGERIA, anybody who say otherwise should be watched closely

  6. Sir 💂💂💂👊👊👊👊👊👊 you are a great man who speak the truth without fear. God bless pfm God bless you sir 💂. Sir 🗽🗽🐯 🐆 I so much believe in you sir you are the best father

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