Stiri_Turism_BREAKING – EU REVENGE: Brussels to subject Britain to travel chaos in event of no deal Brexit

EU REVENGE: Bruxelles pentru a supune Britaniei să călătorească haos în cazul în care nici o înțelegere Brexit Grueling măsuri de urgență vor fi lansate în cazul în care Marea Britanie se prăbușește. ..

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25 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_BREAKING – EU REVENGE: Brussels to subject Britain to travel chaos in event of no deal Brexit

  1. Well just ban the eu from airspace we control,which is a lot apparently,and waters of course,let then go the long way,fucking idiots in the eu,let the countries explain to Drunker and co who they are supposed to work for

  2. They really don't understand the British people and there stubborn bulldog attitude the more they threatening they are the more my back goes up who in there right mind would want to be part of these thugs

  3. Does any one really give a fuck what the eu threatens us with we will just vote with our wallets buy nothing from you scum no cars no holidays no cheese no wine wine wine we should of let Europe fall to the Nazi this is the thanks u get rule Britannia be brave and we will grow strong and that's what they are scared of

  4. close the channel tunnel sand every illegal back to france,then ban all eu nation flights ships travel,,the uk will survive but the eu will go bankrupt,,its all about money and power now for the eu,,yes the nazi eu dont like it when a nation does not bow and obey the nazi crooks,,may has already sold the uk farmers fishermen down the sewer that may wallows in with her nazi elite eu frineds,,this is all a smoke screan to cover up mays sell out,also may has sold the fishermen out already,if you notice the eu no longer shout about acces to uk waters,reason may has granted them full access to uk waters,,also the eu farmers are not shouting either,as may has sold them out to her eu mistress merkel and master barnier tusk junker soros,,all for her 30 judas pieces of silver for her elite tory banker friends in london

  5. Goa is far superior to any European holiday destination. You get far more for your money and are always made to feel welcome and valued. Three weeks b&b at a little more than £700. and your spending money goes miles further. What's not to like?
    Boycott Europe.
    We should also seize control of the French run utility and rubbish collection companies.

  6. Written in the EU rules is that if a member should leave there will be no retribution. I wonder if they have read the rules ? Whatever they do to try to punish us we have no choice but to return the favour with interest !

  7. And remind me again which country has the biggest aviation controlled air space… hmmm let me think a plane bound for Paris…. Nope you cannot come throughout airspace. What's that France and EU fisherman poaching in UK water seize their boats and hand them over to our Fisherman I think… What Russia is invading you Germany… tuff shit

  8. The EU tourist industry will be hard hit as will EU trade with the UK and a number of important EU owned assets. Is the EU really so vendictive that it would harm its own industries. The UK should make provision to seize EU assets in retaliation, after all they will not be working.

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