Stiri_Turism_Bikers For Trump Travel To The Red Hen And Do The Incredible!

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45 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Bikers For Trump Travel To The Red Hen And Do The Incredible!

  1. A big THANK YOU to all of the Bikers for Trump for their help in getting the message across to the people who own and work at the RED HEN who think that they can 'bully' their customers into becoming Democrats.

    I think that ALL of the businesses who plan to 'Refuse' to service to anyone supporting President Trump — should place signs on the outside of their buildings — 'warning' those who are in support of Trump to stay away from their businesses !!!

    Those businesses — should NOT wait until a customer comes in with their family — AND THEN take that opportunity to literally "throw them and their family out onto the street" !!!!!!!!! Just put signs out on the outside of your business stating "We do not serve anyone who voted or works for President Donald Trump!"

    That would be fair.

  2. 😂 Sarah Huckabee Sanders won this battle without even trying. Let this be a lesson to all this liberal idiots! If you really want a war it’ll be your corpse that will litter the battle field. We can disagree politically but if you insist on getting nasty about it. We the patriots who want this country to prosper will defend our own and the constitution. You liberals only think you want to fight until the fight begins. Then you end up crying about how you’re just a victim of mean republicans.

  3. I would never eat at the hen, nor any other restaurants, that do not have the guts to stand for what is right, your just as bad. Trump the best president.

  4. Gotta love how the liberal media covered them nonstop until it all back fired on the red hen. Now you hear nothing, this is their practice pf selectively giving out information so it seems to fit their agenda.

  5. Those bikers are awesome, I'm very happy they stood up to stupidity, any business that refuses to serve anyone especially with causing a public problem should be shut down and destroyed, these libtards need to know this emotional bullshit they feel doesn't go with what the real world is dealing with as patriots support America and libtards are anti American

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