Stiri_Turism_Beautiful Bourges! Frumosul Bourges! France

Dominat de catedrala Saint Etienne, Bourges este înconjurată de o întreagă paletă de atracții turistice: castelul Meillant, casa lui George Sand în Nohant, abatia Noirlac și minunatul …

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26 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Beautiful Bourges! Frumosul Bourges! France

  1. You could help me, my video of shakira can be removed because of copyright,
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  2. love ur style of editing and ur outfits r so amazing just subbed and Im so happy that I did. Ur so talented at making videos keep up the great work. I hope that u can check out my channel sometime cause I could totally use ur help thx so much.

  3. sarut mana si buna dimineata doamna tanti printesica bre , tare frumos si superb bourges . cladiri si arhitectura tare placuta ochilor , imi place ! o sambata calduroasa ca la giurgiu si alexandria sa ai parte 🙂 multi multi pupici cu licurici si cu sclipici :-*

  4. Very beautiful looks like a very cozy place to live. You wouldn't have to leave that area for anything with all the little shops and everything. Oh yeah by the way you look hot and purple.

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