Stiri_Turism_Bali Workshop – How to Get Paid to Travel the World

Aflați mai multe și intrați în comunitatea noastră: https://www.jetsetterboss.com/ În mai puțin de 6 zile am organizat și împreună un atelier gratuit din Canggu pentru a afișa o selecție puțini oameni, lucrările din interior …

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47 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Bali Workshop – How to Get Paid to Travel the World

  1. Really nice content and thank you for the inspiration and free information but I think you lack of video quality and for me, this is a turn of sadly. Always friendly 🙂

  2. So proud of you guys!!! You deserve all of the success. Thank you for inspiring me. Hands-down I don’t know if I could have ever quit my corporate job without your influence. 🙏🏼 infinitely gratefulllllll 💛

  3. While getting paid to travel the world sounds heaven, networking and socialising sounds like a pain in the Butt for an introvert like me.

  4. I think, i just realized that more than the adventures, beautiful locations & everything, what i love the most about you guys, is your relationship obviously for me it's more the center of this group (Ryker, Russia, Parker) and after that the others. Seeing you together like you said 15 years old friendship, you grew up together, made shit together etc.. and that is really beautiful to watch, sometimes i just wanna see some hug there the 3 of you, just more bromance plz !! 👌 🧒👦🧑 👌

  5. Hey i have a 1600 hundred follower account on instagram can i grow it without spending money cuz i have no money to do thatAnd can i be an influencer Sameer._16

  6. Why don't you guys try to explore any other places too? I mean Bali is cool I love it there but like the more East of Indonesia will be less tourist and more natural. I think.

  7. Hey guys! Great video. Thank you for that! Do you have any recommendations for hotels in China, Singapur and Hong Kong that do influencer collabs? Will be traveling there by the end of the year.

  8. What an Inspiring team you guys have created!
    Keep going and I wish you all the best in the future!
    And I hope one day, I can do what you guys are doing now!
    With loads of love from Sweden

  9. Whilst you are in Bali having a high time, or elsewhere in Indonesia, you might want to consider doing the World a service by mentioning the serious problem of plastic pollution in the seas worldwide. I recently watched a video on BBC which hi-lighted this disaster at manta point off Nusa Penida. It is a sewer.

  10. Guys the truth is that I really wanted to be present in this chat, in fact I learned a lot with you, you are my inspiration. I love the content of you, I think the whole group and each with its uniqueness (parker backflips I always love, I'm a fan of this guy with invisible wings)
    I already signed up for jetsetterboss and I hope all success for you, many trips to bring content to the channel.
    who knows someday I will not appear in one of these seminars, what I can do for you I'm here!
    Big hug and all success for the whole team!

    #brazilianfan #highonlife
    #jetsetterboss #bestchannel

  11. Everytime your video teaches something new to us by bringing something new concepts like for example in this video you guys were sharing your whole experiences that how you guys started blogging etc and day by day I got so much inspired from you guys thank you so much for making awesome videos for us and making daily videos also.

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