Stiri_Turism_Andrew Basiago – Time Travel & Project Pegasus (06.26.15)

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33 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Andrew Basiago – Time Travel & Project Pegasus (06.26.15)

  1. Can't you guys stop by my place anytime soon? The Swedish authorities is exercising pure terrorism upon me! Please help me! I'm desperat! I want to get off this rock as soon as possible! Give me a hint over Youtube if you're intressed. If you could come and pick me up I would appreciate it very much! Can you meet me at the southwestern shore of Lösensjön anytime soon? I intend to visit Lösensjön every Saturday if possible! Please meet me there! Prove you are real! I wouldn't mind a close encounter myself! Can I become a space traveller? Can I become a time traveler too? Please visit me anytime soon! Love💗💖💝. 0010110

  2. and i talk about retro causality. it's something that my brain only understands at certain moments. I've written about it on the resonance science academy fb page. They have put posts about it up after i mention it, but they never acknowledge me. Quantum computing, entanglement, I KNOW OR knew how it works. All of it. My father wrote a program that REPLACED AN ENTIRE UNISYS MAINFRAME and saved his co. 2 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.

    This is how psychopaths are born.
    Thanks, so much. Have a great day.

  3. I TELL PEOPLE THAT OBAMA LOOKS EGYPTIAN, NOT KENYAN OR HAWAIIAN. Nobody agrees with me. I've mentioned it many times, suggesting that he is related to templars and his election was probably planned 3 generations in advance. That's a m.o. that templars implement.

  4. were they taught to click their heels together when saluting the president? I was at a bar, drunk, and my friend introduced me to a big guy who was the president of a club. Without thinking i stamped and clicked, and saluted. It was the wrong place to be doing that and i was embarrassed.
    do you know if they altered the conditioning to activate stomach pain instead of headaches? I have a gluten allergy which gives me IBS. But since I've researched this, i am also crapping my brains out. More than just IBS. Maybe my cooking.
    I've written to some top names about regression, offered to do pentathol and polygraphs, explained a dozen or more similarities, and i get NOTHING. apparently I'm delusional or i am not important. This makes me frustrated. I moved to a place that is ripe with ufos and i didn't do it on purpose. A tiny little town, But there are twins here and there's a car that's very nearly identical to mine, down to the dent in the door, and these cars are 25 yrs. old.
    I type in caps, i plead for answers, i am ignored. I try to reciprocate and ignore the issue but i can't. So here i sit, 12:38 am, with no end in sight. A very empty gut, and fear of sleep. I usually smoke weed to prevent lucid dreams, but I'm currently out, and it's almost my birthday, aug 13… I have declared this The Longest August. Rather than get weed, I'm going to attempt to take control of my dreams. The last time i quit, to get work, it was bad. I was researching satanism and the dreams were disturbing but not violent. The dreams were crossing over into reality, in the form of YouTube suggestions. Nobody can see your dreams and then suggest yt vids. But that's what was and is happening.

    help me

  5. So he needed to be a part of the project, because they know he’ll be a whistle blower and that’s a good thing…but then they shock him to try and get him to forget. Stories has more holes than mesh.

  6. He’s a clown. A couple of shows took him the facility he “jumped from”, he didn’t know where anything was and couldn’t address any questions. Also 140 people and the ONLY “credible” person to come forward is him? Ok, sure.

  7. What happened to these guys? Did they have some particularly stressful high school years??? Was it some sort of adolescent trauma that turned these guys into such profound psychological curiosities??? Funny as hell but sad at the same time.

  8. Too many cynical and rude comments from obviously ignorant humans. I've been reading for hours everyday for some decades now to hone my bullshit radar and to deprogram myself from all the programming I was steeped in and the more I read the more I realize how little I know. These disrespectful and ignorant individuals making all these rude comments must think they know better.

  9. It's obvious he's full of shit by how quickly he dismissed the animal question to move to rehearsed answers. His memory is never foggy on anything either, even after being supposedly traumatized. Every location, every person. No emotion; he didn't want to attempt to try to act. No face lighting up at the memory of first experiencing something so incredible. He's a pro bullshitter.

  10. Wow Lincoln kind of sounded like John Kennedy both did amazing things and both assassinated for said great things, the one who is calmest is the most feared in a situation.

  11. he lost credibility at 1:15 when he talks about paradoxons. And it makes me very angry because i thought he is a credible person. He should have said: i dont know! Instead he told us a big fucking stupid thing!

    Let me clean up his mess. When you time travel, U dimension travel, so to speak, you travel to a parallel univers, but you can call it a different timeline if you wish.
    If you do this, you can kill "your" fater (bythaway a version you will exist there as well). You (as a killer) will still exist and you original father as well in your original reality. No paradoxes only infinite timelines.

    An interesting thing lastly… you wont be able to travel back to your original timeline. Never! Theres memory in you which interferes with your vibratory equitation, which only will be the same if you forget everything about you time trip (if its possible i have no credible knowledge but its quite accurate) lets you able to match with your original reality"s vibration.

    The reason for that is time travel (and many other tricky travel) based on vibratory adjustment. In this case you changed particular elements in your overall vibrational equation and when you impose those changes through fields etc… you just simple pop up there and stop existing here.

  12. Travel to the past is possible, but,there is the catch, you can't interact with anything you see,the events stay in their normal course,you can't crossover,nobody can see you.

  13. Watching these meathead DJs drinking beer and their vacant expressions while Basiago discusses Physics is comical in itself. I think its completely disrespectful for them to be drinking while an invited guest if Andrew's caliper is on.

  14. grown man in colorful shirts, talking about space stuff. seems legit. dont take drugs kids or you will end as bald hippies, calling themselves „engeneers“

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