Stiri_Turism_Agra City Guide | Taj Mahal Travel Video in Uttar Pradesh, India

Vino alături de noi pentru acest ghid de călătorie în orașul Agra, în timp ce vizităm Taj Mahal și câteva dintre celelalte atracții de top din Agra, situate în Uttar Pradesh, India. Cand vine …

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43 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_Agra City Guide | Taj Mahal Travel Video in Uttar Pradesh, India

  1. this is not the real true taj mahal. real taj mahal was build with lots of precious stones. those stones were decorated by digging into the wall. but robber everything the booty took. which is very sad.

  2. The Agra Fort is not that interesting, I would recommend checking out the Fort Palace, Amber instead. However the Taj Mahal is definitely worth a visit – it's better in real life. The right guide will enable you to jump the long queues and bypass the crowds. Plus you will get insights that give the visit an interesting perspective. The restaurants in Agra are underwhelming so we skipped out of there and on our way to Jaipur we stopped for lunch at Laxmi Vilas Palace in Bharatpur.

  3. Hi. Love your videos. Can you share your experience with buying tickets and entering the Taj? There are a lot of conflicting information about shorter lines for tourists, etc. How long did it take to enter?

  4. I really enjoy watching your videos. As another commented mentioned it is like being in India and experiencing it yourself. I really hope the noise and the pollution, commotion did not bother your elderly parents too much. Old people can find that rather trying. Also regarding the food you can ask them to make food with a lot less heat and restaurants do oblige.

  5. The emperor who built the Taj for his beloved deceased wife was imprisoned inside Agra Fort by his son (fighting over the throne). From the windows he could still see his Taj. They say he died a broken man.

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