Stiri_Turism_A Woman Is Copying This Travel Blogger’s Photos EXACTLY ft. Gina Darling & David So

http://www.goforbroke.com/ O femeie copiază lucrarea unui blogger celebru din întreaga lume. Urmați-ne pe SoundCloud: …

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39 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_A Woman Is Copying This Travel Blogger’s Photos EXACTLY ft. Gina Darling & David So

  1. There’s actually a short film that was similar like this!!! But the husband in the short really admired the blogger so he forced his wife to copy the blogger. It’s on Vidsee here on YouTube!

  2. Seriously? You guys are mad? Imagine how hard she worked just to get the outfit, but finding the same place, and room, and position for the camera. You guys should be admiring her!!

  3. People just don't get it. I find rather creepy too. I get it that you want to take pictures at the same location but everything on point like original photo, creepy. Not only that you continue to do it and don't notify the person!

  4. I feel like copying a celebrities Instagram would be so hard, because you would constantly have to be checking to see if they posted something, or if they took a photo down, etc. Not to mention you would have to figure out how to dress and do your makeup the way they did. It's like a full time job lol

  5. Furthest thing from art. If that shit is supposed to be art (talking the OP, not the copycat), then everyone's vacation photos can be interpreted as art in some capacity. Also from the photos shown in this video, that girl didn't even fully copy the OP. There were slight differences in the attire and shots except for the very last pic. Also people copy each other all the fucking time. It's nothing new and neither is it an issue, esp. if the girl copying wasn't even profiting from it.

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