SUPORT JOURNALISM. DONATE LA PATREON.COM/TIMCAST Astăzi vorbesc despre modul în care stânga doar decide că orice spune 4chan este adevărat dând …

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37 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_4CHAN HAS BECOME TOO POWERFUL

  1. listen you can't blame 4chan, there smart. They are just showing us how naive the public is. They are showing us we can manipulate people by sitting on a pc. This is good, people are waking up from sjw politics and fake news.

    They are calling it a hate, or rascist symbol to see who follows it. They are ripping the retard liberals apart.

  2. its for people who don't get out to the real world and find out for them selves what is happening. wow Hitler / Stalin would of loved this form of control — I say — you do . no wonder the west is the laughing stock of the world . 4chan your so silly.

  3. Like i said many times… Anon is the guardian of the internet we need but don't deserve. Yes he maybe a lifeless fucking loser that waste his life away. But at least he protect us from giant things we don't even can't comprehend like the internet itself. Not bcz he wants to protect us. But bcz he just wants too.

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