Stiri_Turism_25 Recent Space Discoveries That Blew Our Minds

25 recente descoperiri spațiale care ne pierd mințile | Listă25 Vrei mai mult? Consultați Lista de redare știință și tehnologie: http://bit.ly/21NCpRG Dacă vă place acest videoclip …

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26 thoughts on “Stiri_Turism_25 Recent Space Discoveries That Blew Our Minds

  1. Well, this one really got my attention. While we're busy figuring out the 4th dimension called "quantum physics" Earth is still thinking and acting in 3 dimensions, therefore not getting very far and being held down by the 1% movement. Meanwhile, there's also a 5th dimension called "Telepathy" and a 6th called "Teleportation". Also Einstein's relativity theory appears to be true.This all gives us also more insight in dark matter. Especially Quantum physics will help cure 99% of all Earth's problems such as: deceases, environment issues, energy crisis, fighting our climate problems such as hurricanes, tsunami's, etc., making our air clean again and help water management by providing water where needed (turning salt into drinkable sweet water) and cleaning our oceans. Also our DNA could be repaired and enhanced, to name but a few examples.

  2. Pluto is not a planet. Get over it. It's orbit crosses that of Neptune. It is smaller than our moon and it would leave a tail when it was brought nearer to the sun. That's no behavior for a planet… because Pluto has more in common with the icy bodies in the Kuiper belt than with the planets

  3. "A primitive form of Life was planted on the Earth by an advanced civilization on another planet— deliberately,:" said..
    Francis Crick. Our DNA was intentionally sent here in a space
    ship and that all life on Earth represents a clone derived from a single extraterrestrial organism.
    We know very little about the origins of life, but All of the new scientific discoveries support my theory of Directed Panspermia…
    And NONE Disprove it
    Crick was more certain than ever,
    " DNA was sent here in a vehicle, "
    he said, " By Aliens "

  4. It needs to be noted that we are not able to photograph planets outside of our solar system. That stated, ALL images showing said planets, are artist conceptions, drawings. These examples should be clearly labeled as artists concepts. Just so you don't confuse viewers, because you will confuse them, and promote conspiracy theories.

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